Now is the winter of SO VERY BUSY

The beginning of my run:

Oh dear Internet,
I have been busy. Ever so busy. Astoundingly busy. Only not really.

I feel like I’ve been busy. I feel like I am non stop, go go go, and all that but in reality I just have a routine where my blogg-y-time used to go.

I’m still attempting to run three times a week (though I am fighting a losing battle with side stitch at times) and cook three nights a week and my work (which I do not discuss online) is busier than ever. Add to that a weekly coffee date, dinner with the family, and a weekly evening of drinks and at the end of it you get a worn out Sarah-Rose.

Sleep has become a novelty. I’ve been staying up later at night now that I don’t get up ridiculously early for Wii-Fit-ness but it seems that I’m more tired than ever. Maybe I need to eat more red meat. Or perhaps it is true that the most restful sleep is that which occurs before midnight.

On top of this? I have just taken a part in the latest Butterfly Creek Theatre Troupe production and I am so so pleased. Also, not looking forward to the exhaustion.
It is called “One Flesh” by Fiona Samuels, a New Zealand Playwright and I play Kat.
I was asked to play Kat* which was just the most flattering thing ever. It is probably due to a lack of 20-something females auditioning but I do not care, it was flattering to be thought of.
But this means I took the role without any prior knowledge of it. At all. I wasn’t even certain WHO I was being asked to play (though as a 20-something female, I was correct in my guess) and when I flicked briefly through the script? I was a cartoon character with the bugged out eyes and dropped jaw.

I’m not worried, I trust the Troupe and the Director entirely, and I enjoy being stretched in a role. And I am waiting until the first read through (next Tuesday) to hear what the Director has in mind … but it should prove to be interesting.

Additionally, Craig is planning a birthday party that will be Epic, yes, with a capital e. The theme? Hair Metal. Need I say more?

What with the rehearsals, and the drinks, and Craig’s football, it seems like our time spent together will be Friday and Monday nights, and Saturday and Sunday mornings, and nights. This is not exactly cool. I miss his cute little face.
I think I will end up being very thankful for our commute.

It’s all I can do to remember to take a photo every day.

So, dear internet, posting may be scarce for awhile. But that happens every winter doesn’t it?

xoxo, Sarah-Rose

* This feels odd as one of my most favourite people is called Kat.


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