Week Twenty

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Mother's Day Present
A little present for Mother’s Day.

Monday: Sushi Restaurant
Sushi Restaurant, Lambton Quay

Tuesday: First play reading. And a bracelet from The Vamoose
The day of our first play reading. And the arrival of a bracelet from The Vamoose.

Wednesday: Amazing Dawn
Golden dawn as I arrive at work.

Thursday: Waiting for Charlotte
Craig as we waited for Charlotte, outside my work.

Friday: Work was too busy
Stuff I’d hoped to do while at work on Friday. Naturally work was flat out.

Saturday: Waiting by a Palm tree
Too early. Waiting by a palm tree.


Thank everything for Dry Shampoo
(I love dry shampoo)



  1. Kat · May 16, 2010

    Oops, if we're on 20, then I missed a week somewhere along the line.. I think before my trip. Or I've been labelling them wrong.

  2. Crumble · May 16, 2010

    Just found you blog love the photos. Very awesome!

  3. Sarah-Rose · May 19, 2010

    Kat – I'm not certain. I always go off the week prior. Of course Week 1 this year was like 3 days long!Crumble – thanks!

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