Week Twenty-Three

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Birthday Breakfast
It was my Darling Husband’s birthday. I made him pancakes with bacon and maple syrup.

Monday: My favourite bowl
I love this plate and bowl set I inherited from my grandmother.
The colour scheme has been the inspiration for all my coloured tattoos.
I’m sure she’d be so proud.

Tuesday: lovely lambskin bag
My lambskin diesel bag. I love the three big pockets and the supple leather.

Wednesday: Craig matches the Supermarket
Popping to the supermarket on the way home, I notice that Craig matches their colour scheme.

Thursday: SUN! first sun since May 22nd
The sun came out. It was the day after the papers ran a story about how Wellington hadn’t seen the sun for 11 days.

Friday: Sir C Away, I catch the train
Craig flew out to Rotorua and I took the train home with no ride at the other end for the first time.
I ended up working out how to catch the bus. Quite handy, really.

Saturday: winter walk by the river
Though you can’t tell it from this shot, the sun was out and after spending the morning in bed, doing laundry, and going for a run, I went for a long walk by the river.


Computer Nook



  1. THE DIVINITUS · June 21, 2010

    i love your image reportage.

  2. Sarah-Rose · June 21, 2010

    Thank you! It's flattering to have it named something other than "oh, well, I take photos every day? cause I like taking photos? And it's nice to have them a year on (at least so far)?" all uncertain like.

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