Week Twenty-Four

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Perfect weather to stay in bed
Perfect weather to stay in bed.

Monday: A holiday. More bed, more Criminal Minds
Queen’s Birthday holiday. And the weather was still horrible. Which made it perfect for another day spent in bed with Criminal Minds.

Tuesday: Tyre tracks through the hail
Driving home through the hail. A lot of hail.

Wednesday: A large large puddle outside Parliament
After the hail it rained a lot. And meant that I arrived in at work to a small lake.
A small lake which was hard to photograph.

Thursday: look Ma, I'm in a church newsetter!
Our play was in the church newsletter.

Friday: OnceIt order -unnecessarily large box but a love
My Once-It order arrived in an unnecessarily large box. But I did like the hand signed note.

Saturday: more laundry, more rain.
Laundry is never ending, especially when it’s raining and we have to let it dry inside.


Things I love - Chartreuse and my Camera
Things in this photo that I love: my fringe, my camera, chartreuse, mint green nailpolish, pearl earrings, deco ring.


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