Week Twenty-Seven

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: St Alban's Church
St Alban’s Church – where we are performing One Flesh. This was our Sunday rehearsal.

Monday: So busy at work.
A crazy crazy busy day at work. I came home and collapsed on the bed with my iphone.

Tuesday: Old headphones at my new desk
Old headphones on my new desk.

Wednesday: leaving work after dark
Staying a little late at work and when I finally left it was blue black dark.

Thursday: Sunrise at work
And then the very next day? I saw the sunrise at work. Such is winter.

Friday: Lenses lenses everywhere
Dreaming of lenses. I would really like the $845 one.

Saturday: Water, crackers, and Wodehouse. Hangover cure
Water, crackers, and Wodehouse. Bed and a hangover cure.


Hungover and in need of hairdye
Hungover and in need of hairdye.


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