Week Twenty-Nine

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Painting my fingernails
Free to do what I like with my appearance after the final show, I painted my finger and toe nails.
OPI Dim Sum Plum on the left and Lucky Lucky Lavender on the right.

Monday: Street Sign
A work-related walk took me near this sign. I love the fonts.

Tuesday: Sam Edelman Zoe's
Wearing my Sam Edelman Zoe boots.
They make me super tall, or rather, regular height.

Wednesday: Station at dawn
Stopping by the train station just before dawn.

Thursday: Anniversary Present
Wrapping Craig’s anniversary present. A photobook & Antidote by Victor and Rolf.

Friday: Red Sky in the Morning
Red sky and a glassy harbour in the morning.

Saturday: Fog fog fog
Fog on the far hills. I love the view from Park Place.



p.s. My anniversary present from Craig?

Teeny Skull Necklace by Karen WalkerFuchsia Rose
A teeny silver skull necklace by Karen Walker & one fuchsia-coloured rose.
He knows me so well.


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