Week Thirty

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Gherkins and Cream Cheese
I spent the day watching old episodes of True Blood and occasionally eating crackers with Gherkins and Cream Cheese.

Monday: Coffee all the way from Timor-Leste
A coworker bought me coffee from Timor-Leste.
Apparently the make really good coffee there – I haven’t tried it yet.

Tuesday: OPI Dim Sum Plum matches my Marc Bag
Wearing Dim Sum Plum by OPI and it matches my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

Wednesday: The All Whites Parade
I saw the All Whites parade. The applause was genuine & made me tear up just a little bit.

Thursday: New Job cupcakes
I baked celebratory (woo, new job) cupcakes.

Friday: A day for hibernation and soup
I was exhausted and the weather was horrible. Perfect for hibernation, and for soup.

Saturday: Clothes ready to Shwop
I got 16 items ready to take to The Big Shwop*.



* The Big Shwop was a big disappointment. They said they would only accept quality items and well … they seemed to be much less discerning than I. I saw them accept a pair of Pulp (the Glassons of Shoes) shoes that used to be white but were extremely well worn.
I brought 16 items, had 15 accepted, and came away with only 4 items. A pair of MNG jeans, a black and white striped cardigan, a generic black wool top, and a Jacket that turned out to be much too big.
People are manic. They were grabbing armfuls of clothing and trying them on around the edges of the room, thereby getting around the “5 items in the changing room” rule, and meaning that the things they were trying on and rejecting were left behind and the racks weren’t getting restocked.
I guess I would go again (I have 7 re-shwop stamps after all) but I would definitely bring my Tier 2 cast-offs and not my Tier 1.



  1. Annie Spandex · July 28, 2010

    Congrats on the new job! Love the plum nail polish. 🙂

  2. zOMG · July 28, 2010

    Congrats! where/what is new job? Mum keeps reminding me how amazingly difficult it is to get jobs in NZ at the moment & how I should stay in Melbs…. but I MISS home! Sad to hear about the big Shwop… they have something similar here on the rooftop garden in the summer, but ive never been because I heard it's expensive (like you only get $ off your swaps for your tokens, does that make sense?) Silly.x Tasj

  3. Sarah-Rose · July 29, 2010

    Thank you – I don't write about my work online but I feel safe saying that it's not so much a new job as a new role in my current office.

  4. Mindy · August 7, 2010

    Hey Sarah, I was really disappointed with last year's schwop too. Their acceptance/rejection policy seems pretty random – me and my friends had some good stuff rejected and then found what was on offer was pretty marginal… plus I hated the aggressiveness of it all. Better to arrange a swap session with your friends – then you have a bit more control over what you're trading.

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