Week Thirty-Two

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Reading Tom Robbins
I spent the day reading Half Asleep in Frog Pyjamas by Tom Robbins.

Monday: Walking in the Sun
The sun was shining and I went for a walk on my lunch break.

Tuesday: Classic Q Natasha - Zip detail
My beautiful new handbag arrived.

Wednesday: Bright Street Sign
I like it when the street signs are bright and eye catching.
Even though this one is missing the U from Colour.

Thursday: Half Mast for Lt Tim O'Donnell
The flag on the Beehive flew at half mast for 24 hours as a mark of respect for Lt Tim O’Donnell.
He was New Zealand’s first military casualty since Pvt Manning in Timor-Leste in 2000.

Friday: I bought a straw boater!
I had the day off work. I went for a long walk, had a hair cut, and bought a straw boater.

Saturday: Watching C play football in the Rain
I took books and snacks and sat in the car and watched Craig play football. At least, until the rain drops meant I couldn’t follow it any longer. They won.


Pre Hair Cut


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