30 Days of Me – Day 23 – Cravings

Tuesday: Pad Thai pre Premiere

See here’s the thing. I don’t exactly crave anything at the moment. Which is really helpful in the run up to my birthday (or not. I’m hard enough to buy presents for as it is!) but not useful in terms of obeying-the-meme. Even my desire for an iPad or iPhone 4 is just a mild niggling.

I do, however, get a lot of food cravings (despite my decidedly empty womb) and I can eat the same food over and over again until either Craig or I get sick of it … it’s usually Craig.

At the moment I crave:
Breakfast – Greek yoghurt, rolled oats, & honey.
Lunch – an apple and a handful of pretzels.
Dinner – Mexican food. Or rather, chipotle sauce.

My most recent non-comestible craving (my new baby camera) has been sated.


30 Days of Me – Day 22 – Differences

Bad Ass

Today the meme demands to know what makes me different from everyone else.
See now? that’s just a flawed question. I don’t KNOW everyone else and I don’t know the nuances that make up each of their idiosyncratic personalities.

BUT! here are some things which make up the Sarah-Rose that I’m choosing to share with the internet:

x I have an abnormally large head (for someone without anything akin to a diagnosed macrocephaly).
x I have large eyes. And a small mouth.
x I look both young and sensible.
x I am overly verbose.
x I am terrible at crosswords and scrabble.
x I can be very very mean. But I’m getting better at controlling that.
x I am an experimental and quite good cook.
x I am very morbid but have never seen a dead body.
x I hate people who describe themselves as “foodies”.
x I have an … odd sense of humour. I once got a job with the Navy on the strength of it.
x I love the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

Now while I’m sure that people share a lot of these features … I doubt if anyone shares ALL of them.

P.s. the photo? has nothing to do with this entry.
P.p.s. when I was at high school I was told I had a doppelgänger and, when I finally saw a photo of her, I had to agree that we did look eerily similar. We never met though. I think her name was Emily. Sometimes I wonder if we still look the same.

30 Days of Me – Day 21 – Happiness


Happiness is … a new camera!

My 400D was beginning to get a little glitchy and I wanted to upgrade before it died completely and left me camera-less.
And then on Friday I had the opportunity to shoot with a 550D and it was just so smooth. My gnawing desire became a craving.
So I blatantly bribed Craig.

He’s now allowed to buy an iPhone 4.

Buddha face grain Tread detail
IMG_0001 <- first photo ever with my new baby Wooden Buddh-en

Week Thirty-Nine

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: 3 books at once
I very rarely read just one book at once.
These are the three I was reading last Sunday.

Monday: Grafitti
Graffiti at Pak ‘n’ Save Petone.

Tuesday: Oh look, no lunch break again.
I average about one, maybe two lunch breaks a week.
Tuesday was one of the days I was in the office all the way through.

Wednesday: a lunch break! But I found nothing.
On Wednesday I did manage a lunch break. But I tried on two shirts which ended up being weird looking and having to rush back to the office.

Thursday: Stuck in Traffic
Stuck in traffic on the way home from work.

Friday: Cat Ring by Karen Walker
My cat ring by Karen Walker showed up!
It’s adorable. It looks like a kitten mask which in turn reminds me of The Teenagers song.

Saturday: Hungover Husband waiting for food
Hungover Husband waiting on food before we drove in to Wellington to buy my new camera (!).


Craig was trying to steal & unbox my 550D!
As I was taking this, Craig was trying to steal the EOS 550D out from behind it and unpack it!
Not cool man, really not cool.

30 Days of Me – Day 19 – Nicknames

Waiting waiting waiting

Nicknames are a curious thing.
I’ve never been one for them myself. If anything I tend to lengthen names (Tom is often Tomas, Kat is sometimes Katrinka, Greg was often Gwegowy) but then I suppose the name I got by most often these days is a kind of nick name.

I was christened Sarah Rose. No hyphen.
At an early age I was enrolled in a class where there was more than one Sarah. And so the hyphen came in to play and I was Sarah-Rose.
Since marriage I have used the hyphen religiously and it is now accepted as legal. Same with switching my maiden name to my middle name. Legal legal legal.
It wasn’t until I moved to London that people really started calling me Sarah-Rose. Because over there, that’s what I (tried) to go by. How I answered the phone and how I introduced myself.
In my current job there was another Sarah on the floor. So currently I do go by Sarah-Rose in about 85% of my life. I adore it. I now find it a little jarring when Craig introduces me to people from his work as “Sarah”. So short, so plain.
I get compliments on Sarah-Rose.
I like Sarah-Rose.

As for nicknames themselves I get Rosie and Rosebud. Self-explanatory really.

Oh. And Slaghands.
That one takes a little explaining.
See, in 2008 when I was in New Zealand my sister Charlotte and I used to catch the train in to and out of Wellington to go to work. We would giggle uncontrollably and come up with inane and obscure jokes which were, naturally, hilarious at the time.
One chilly winter morning Charlotte was wearing mittens and was telling me how much she liked them, she had her hands out in front of her and she was closing her thumb and fingers in a decidedly crustacean-like fashion. So I started calling her Crabhands.
She was not amused and retaliated by calling me Slaghands.
Then, in some convoluted manner we arrived at the nickname Hambag for our darling sister Jayne. And they have stuck.

30 Days of Me – Day 18 – The Future

Incense at Po Lin

Today the meme instructs me to tell you about my hopes and dreams.

I hope to remain passionate, in life & in love, with my photography, writing, & drama.
I hope to retain my sense of self. My humour & pathos, my cynical optimism, my pride in my appearance.
I hope to not have children for a fair few years yet. Ditto with owning a house.
I hope to travel more. Explore the world & take its picture.
I hope to work in an environment that stretches me intellectually, with people I like, who make me feel accomplished & appreciated.*

My dreams tend to be disappointingly boring but prescient.
I’ll see snippets of a conversation that will occur two weeks later but, of course, it’ll just be about what to have for lunch or something equally mundane.
Being boringly psychic is my almost-superpower.

* I do currently, but I hope this happens in the future too.

30 Days of Me – Day 15 – iPod/iPhone


Today I am instructed to put my iPod on shuffle and list the first ten songs which play.
Well I don’t have an iPod. I gave it to a friend who couldn’t afford one after it turned out I hadn’t played a single song in over a year.
But! I do have an iPhone. And it’s essentially the same thing.

x The Ghost Who Walks – Karen Elson
x Broken Machine – Zowie
x Beauty Mark – Charlotte Gainsbourg
x Big Poppa – Notorious B.I.G.
x Love is a Losing Game – Amy Winehouse
x In the Sun – She & Him
x Public Service Announcement – Dangermouse
x Flowers Grow Out of My Grave – Dead Man’s Bones
x Roxanne – The Knux
x Lullaby – The Cure

p.s. Baby Jayne, remember when you said that there was no need to have an iPod and an iPhone? and I dismissed you? Yea. Turns out you were right.