30 Days of Me – Day 6 – Superheroes

Oh dear.
Here’s where I begin to flounder.

I’ve always wondered about the appeal of superheroes. I can, on a fundamental level, understand why people dream of superhuman powers, of being more than THIS mere existence. And yet? It’s never been for me.
I can watch and enjoy movies about superheroes (lord knows I couldn’t be with Craig without watching them on occasion) but I cannot, in any way, say that I have a favourite.

If pushed (by an internet meme perhaps?) I would say … Batman.
Because he is human, mortal, fallible, but with powers beyond the every day. The crux of his power is that he works for it. It is by dint of his extreme wealth and his own work ethic that he is more than human, super-human.
Not some freak accident, alien race, or spiderbite.


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