30 Days of Me – Day 12 – Blog-blog-blogging

Computer Nook

I fell in to “blogging” about 9 years ago. Seriously.
I’m pretty sure it was Kat who first told me about Livejournal, a site where you could write and post photos and people could follow you and comment and have conversations. So yea. I started there.
It wasn’t until I was planning my wedding (2005) that I created ohdarling.net.nz – essentially as a way for my family to find out about the wedding. And then I just kind of … kept it going. And going. And going. It chronicles our decision to move to London, and the travel we’ve done, and our life since we’ve returned to New Zealand.
Craig has, actually, very little to do with it at all. I am the writer, I am the photographer, he is my leading man.

I like that I have so many entries under my belt. I like that my photography has evolved and my writing has stayed fundamentally the same (overly wordy, filled with parentheses, very much in my voice), and I love that I have met some amazing people through the internet.

It’s like I’m writing my autobiography as I go along.


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