Week Thirty-Nine

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: 3 books at once
I very rarely read just one book at once.
These are the three I was reading last Sunday.

Monday: Grafitti
Graffiti at Pak ‘n’ Save Petone.

Tuesday: Oh look, no lunch break again.
I average about one, maybe two lunch breaks a week.
Tuesday was one of the days I was in the office all the way through.

Wednesday: a lunch break! But I found nothing.
On Wednesday I did manage a lunch break. But I tried on two shirts which ended up being weird looking and having to rush back to the office.

Thursday: Stuck in Traffic
Stuck in traffic on the way home from work.

Friday: Cat Ring by Karen Walker
My cat ring by Karen Walker showed up!
It’s adorable. It looks like a kitten mask which in turn reminds me of The Teenagers song.

Saturday: Hungover Husband waiting for food
Hungover Husband waiting on food before we drove in to Wellington to buy my new camera (!).


Craig was trying to steal & unbox my 550D!
As I was taking this, Craig was trying to steal the EOS 550D out from behind it and unpack it!
Not cool man, really not cool.


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