30 Days of Me – Day 22 – Differences

Bad Ass

Today the meme demands to know what makes me different from everyone else.
See now? that’s just a flawed question. I don’t KNOW everyone else and I don’t know the nuances that make up each of their idiosyncratic personalities.

BUT! here are some things which make up the Sarah-Rose that I’m choosing to share with the internet:

x I have an abnormally large head (for someone without anything akin to a diagnosed macrocephaly).
x I have large eyes. And a small mouth.
x I look both young and sensible.
x I am overly verbose.
x I am terrible at crosswords and scrabble.
x I can be very very mean. But I’m getting better at controlling that.
x I am an experimental and quite good cook.
x I am very morbid but have never seen a dead body.
x I hate people who describe themselves as “foodies”.
x I have an … odd sense of humour. I once got a job with the Navy on the strength of it.
x I love the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

Now while I’m sure that people share a lot of these features … I doubt if anyone shares ALL of them.

P.s. the photo? has nothing to do with this entry.
P.p.s. when I was at high school I was told I had a doppelgänger and, when I finally saw a photo of her, I had to agree that we did look eerily similar. We never met though. I think her name was Emily. Sometimes I wonder if we still look the same.


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