Week Forty-One

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Lying in the Sun
Buddha head on the deck outside our lounge. I spent most of the afternoon lying in the sun and ended up sunburned. Oops.

Monday: ineffectual
A somewhat ineffectual lock.

Tuesday: the end of the protest
I caught the end of my baby sister’s protest at Parliament but she had skived off back to work already.
I was not taking part, just stopping by to say hello.

Wednesday: new phonebooks
New phone books! I actually liked the picture on the front this year.

Thursday: sunlight hitting the top of the trees
With daylight savings time, this is the kind of dawn I see now. Sunlight hitting the top of the trees.

Friday: Meadowlark ring
My meadowlark protea ring, purchased on sale a little while ago, arrived just in time for my birthday.

Saturday: Birthday lunch at Viva Mexico
I had to work on my birthday so celebrated on Saturday instead. We went to Viva Mexico for lunch.


Self-portrait with KW necklace
the necklace was my birthday present from Craig.


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