Week Forty-Four

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Craig made Pancakes
Craig made us pancakes. With curly bacon.

Monday: Reflection of a Reflection
It was Labour Day so I went bra shopping. I found this Geisha style changing room bizarre.

Tuesday: Packaging treats for overseas friends
Packing treats to send to overseas friends.

Wednesday: Golden Hour by the Waterfront
I was dropped off nearer the waterfront than usual. Golden hour was beautiful.

Thursday: Postcard from Ottawa!
My darling Petra sent me a postcard from Ottawa.

Friday: Hazy Morning
A hazy hazy morning.

Saturday: The New Dowse
The sun was out and I was home alone. So I walked down to The New Dowse and went to Craft 2.0 where I bought a rosette I’ve been wearing on my bag.

Loser Rosette by Dear Colleen
Loser Rosette by Dear Colleen.




One comment

  1. Kat · October 31, 2010

    Pinkys!!!!!!!!!!!Yes. I have an absurd obsession with marshmallow. It has not abated with age.

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