Remember, remember, the last day of Movember.

Tuesday: Handlebar Moustache and a Corona

This is how Craig watches TV: WITH INTENSITY

I was distracting him.

It will never be forgot.

I hope. He is threatening to not shave.


I met a baby …

Big Sky New Zealand

I met a baby this weekend.
I met a baby and there was no screaming, crying, or shuddering. From me or from little Riley.

He was curled against his mum, just a day or so old, snuffling contentedly. His mother looked exhausted (54 hours of labour. FIFTY-FOUR HOURS) and his father was positively beaming.

He is the first child born to anyone I actually know.
To people of my generation. People I see quite regularly and could call friends.
Not to family, not to distant school friends, not to the older or younger siblings of friends.

I was terrified when I heard they were having a baby. But they’re so YOUNG, are they going to keep it? was my gut reaction. But seeing their little family? Didn’t seem so odd.
Then, they are not wild ones. They have always been happier going to an early movie then heading home. They own a home, and a cat, and more than one car. They DIY. They have not travelled. They are not at all similar to me.
But seeing them as parents didn’t scare me.

Is this growing up?

Either way. There is a lot more of the world I want to see before I take that path. A lot. One of the few on which there can be no turning back.

Week Forty-Eight

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Christmas is coming!
It was the 21st November but I started decorating for Christmas. In my case this just meant putting out a vase of candy canes.

Monday: Koi fish in our Office
A Koi Carp kite. That is all.

Tuesday: Dawn reflection
Dawn at Park Place.

Wednesday: Learning Lines
Learning lines. For the usual Summer Shakespeare audition. Only this time? I really care. Eep.

Thursday: Sad
I’m usually really quite heartless about these things but the Pike River disaster made me so so sad.

Friday: Train Station
Wellington Train Station. Late. Again.

Saturday: Pistachio Gelato
Post-audition gelato (Pistachio!) with my mama, sister, and a lovely Nun.
Yep. She called me Sue and said I was pretty. Also, she told us about how she “buried” her dog by dumping the body off the end of a wharf. And no, she didn’t see why that was illegal.


Late on Saturday night

* Also? Unfortunate juxtaposition. Explosion at Pike River next to explosion at Mt Ruapehu.

Week Forty-Seven

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Harry Potter 7
I spent the day holed up with Harry Potter 7.

Monday: I doubt his first word was really Pencil
I highly doubt that Picasso’s first word was Pencil … but I can see how it would be a good story.

Tuesday: So humid.
The clouds feel so close these days. The humidity is oppressive and soporific.

Wednesday: Now DC. Dying of jealousy.
My darling Petra sent another postcard. This time, Washington DC. I remain envious.

Thursday: Squid Fork!
Craig was out climbing walls so I ate dumplings with sriracha sauce.
Yes, that fork has a face. It’s in the shape of a squid and came from the Osaka Aquarium. It’s adorable. Shut up.

Friday: Drunk ish.
Ten to midnight on the train. Drunk ish, Emphasis on the ish.

Saturday: Noodle Canteen
A quiet night of mindless movies, hairdye, and spicy spicy noodles.


Hungover Ish

It’s been over a year …

Tuesday: Geisha!

It’s been a year since Japan.
It’s been a year since Craig and I have come close to leaving New Zealand’s shores.

This is the first time since 2007 I have been in one country for 365 consecutive days.
This is pretty damn depressing.

But! in 55 days Craig and I will be back in Hawaii.


Week Forty-Six

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: New Zealand Summer
Big ol’ utes -a quintessential sight on New Zealand rivers in summer.

Monday: Postcard from New York
Another postcard from my darling Petra as she travels around North America. This time, New York City.

Tuesday: O.P.I Glitter
Crazy sparkles by O.P.I. – the Burlesque tie in.

Wednesday: Bicycle by Bowen
This bicycle has been parked near my office for days now. It’s parked by a rubbish bin so I think they’re just hoping that someone will clean it away.

Thursday: Peony Season
It’s peony season again!!

Friday: Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Rocky Horror Picture Show … I really should go see it but lord I am not up for much at the moment.

Saturday: Shopping
Shopping for work clothes while Craig’s car had a service.


Unzipping my work dress

Week Forty-Five

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Asparagus is back in season
Asparagus is back in season! I’m thrilled.

Monday: Raspberry Filofax
Work work work … and my Raspberry filofax.

Tuesday: Golden Hour
I closed my eyes as we left the house in the grey dawn and when I opened them again? golden hour was in force. Amazing.

Wednesday: Bee and Beehive
Bee and the Beehive.

Thursday: Pantone Pens
I loved these Pantone pens. I wanted to buy so so many of them.
But really, what would I use them for?

Friday: Amethyst Plugs by NinjaFlower
A rough-faced amethyst plug made especially for me. I love it. I love ninjaflower.

Saturday: Classy Stripper Shoes
My new shoes from Jeffrey Campbell arrived!
They are beautiful and comfortable and … too too tall. They remind me of classy stripper shoes.



I accidentally deleted the self-portrait for this week.
Yes I am very annoyed.

The dome glows ethereal in the night, London’s own rising moon …

St Pauls AND the Millennium Bridge

Dearest darling London,

Today I ache for you.
I read and reread the article A.A. Gill wrote for The Times about St Paul’s Cathedral and I sigh.

St Paul’s Cathedral is the solemn, eternal boss and hub of our city. We look up for it, mark our bearing by it, judge our distance from the lantern on top. It is the axis of a compass. The great dome is the calm centre of the spinning city.

A couple of nights ago, thinking in the liminal dark, I was struck by the idea for a tattoo*, a bolt of lightening from my subconscious. The idea for a tattoo which honours my love for the city more than the obtuse and multi-symbolic crown on my right arm.
The idea arrived fully formed. So clear in my mind that I wanted to run out and get it straight away. But I am too sensible for that. I must wait to see if the seed idea grows roots.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. I ache for you today, London.

Much love,

* I’m done apologising to my parents for my tattoos.
They may have created my physical being but they also created who I am. And I am a person who loveloveloves my tattoos.
No Philip Larkin here. THIS be the verse: I love who they helped me become.