Week Forty-Seven

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Harry Potter 7
I spent the day holed up with Harry Potter 7.

Monday: I doubt his first word was really Pencil
I highly doubt that Picasso’s first word was Pencil … but I can see how it would be a good story.

Tuesday: So humid.
The clouds feel so close these days. The humidity is oppressive and soporific.

Wednesday: Now DC. Dying of jealousy.
My darling Petra sent another postcard. This time, Washington DC. I remain envious.

Thursday: Squid Fork!
Craig was out climbing walls so I ate dumplings with sriracha sauce.
Yes, that fork has a face. It’s in the shape of a squid and came from the Osaka Aquarium. It’s adorable. Shut up.

Friday: Drunk ish.
Ten to midnight on the train. Drunk ish, Emphasis on the ish.

Saturday: Noodle Canteen
A quiet night of mindless movies, hairdye, and spicy spicy noodles.


Hungover Ish


One comment

  1. bryan · December 1, 2010

    omg! squid fork = awesome.

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