Week Forty-Eight

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Christmas is coming!
It was the 21st November but I started decorating for Christmas. In my case this just meant putting out a vase of candy canes.

Monday: Koi fish in our Office
A Koi Carp kite. That is all.

Tuesday: Dawn reflection
Dawn at Park Place.

Wednesday: Learning Lines
Learning lines. For the usual Summer Shakespeare audition. Only this time? I really care. Eep.

Thursday: Sad
I’m usually really quite heartless about these things but the Pike River disaster made me so so sad.

Friday: Train Station
Wellington Train Station. Late. Again.

Saturday: Pistachio Gelato
Post-audition gelato (Pistachio!) with my mama, sister, and a lovely Nun.
Yep. She called me Sue and said I was pretty. Also, she told us about how she “buried” her dog by dumping the body off the end of a wharf. And no, she didn’t see why that was illegal.


Late on Saturday night

* Also? Unfortunate juxtaposition. Explosion at Pike River next to explosion at Mt Ruapehu.


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