Week Fifty-One

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: I love these creepy santas
In anticipation of the tree which never arrived I brought out the creepy santas which I adore.

Monday: Marking my lines
In a quiet moment at work I took the time to mark my lines for Much Ado About Nothing.
I play Don John – cast because of my natural malevolence.

Tuesday: Broken decoration at the office
Poor fowl. Broken christmas decorations in the office.

Wednesday: Sunset from Park Place
Beautiful striations in the sunset from Park Place.

Thursday: A tree! Finally!
A silver star atop our new (black) faux christmas tree.

Friday: BAD at being a grown up
Sometimes Craig and I are TERRIBLE at being grownups. Candy canes and canned food. Not a meal amongst it all.

Saturday: Decorating at Trinity
Decorating the family tree at Trinity. This is the stocking I’ve had for as long as I can remember – handmade by my grandmother.


Frazzled. Post-Work


One comment

  1. evie · December 20, 2010

    I'm so envious of your black tree, it's very cool.Don't worry about your cupboard, mine looks almost identical. Far too much canned food I never touch and loads of biscuits and sweet things that I do :-s. We're adults, we're allowed.

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