Week Fifty-Two

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Pouring Rain
It was pouring with rain and surprisingly chilly. Perfect for lounging around watching West Wing (yes, still).

Monday: Instax Beehive - Creating a giftcard
My instax and the Beehive – I was creating a gift tag.

Tuesday: Raining ... Again.
I was actually just trying to get a shot of the rain drops on the ivy. Luckily I didn’t even notice the huge fucking moth until downloading the photos from my camera. Just thinking about it makes me shudder.

Wednesday: Presents Wrapped
Presents all purchased and carefully wrapped. Note the instax gift tags!

Thursday: Choc-Candy-Cane Cupcakes for work
For morning tea on my final day at work I made chocolate cupcakes with peppermint cream cheese icing topped with a piece of candy cane. Luckily noone noticed that the wrappers were covered with chili peppers.
I figured they were red and green and white and that was CLOSE ENOUGH.

Friday: Rothko Cookie
The family came to Park Place for desserts on Christmas Eve. Charlotte provided gingerbread cookies and little tubes of icing so we could ice our own.
I chose the very christmassy Rothko. It made sense at the time.

Saturday: Delicious Delicious Entrees
More food. I know. But the smoked salmon filoettes my darling mother made were amazing. And the tapenade ones in the background? a pretty contrast.


Xmas Eve Outfit


One comment

  1. Kat · January 20, 2011

    The self-portrait is the pic of the filoettes? at least on my browser right now.Adorable cupcakes! and what a great idea for gift tags.xx

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