365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: I love strawberries
I got home at 2am on Sunday morning. So the rest of the day was kiiiiind of a write-off. I ate a lot strawberries and watched a lot of Qi.

Monday: Craig does the lawns one handed
A new discovery: Craig does the lawns one handed.

Tuesday: Replacement Coffeemaker because I am an idiot
Poor little moustachioed man. I ruined him (by putting him through the dishwasher) but couldn’t live long without my espresso … so I had to go buy another. Bother.

Wednesday: Wellington Train Station
I was waiting at the train station for a frightfully long time (anyone following my twitter or instagram would have been flooded with nonsense) but I noticed this print out of an old photo.

Thursday: Ray necklace from Kat
My darling Katrinka bought me a ray necklace for my birthday. I just adore it.

Friday: Dueling notes
We had dueling notes as I left on my run before Craig woke up and he left for work before I got home.

American Money
Getting my wallet ready for Hawaii. A little bit of NZ money, a bit of American, my credit card, and travel insurance cards.



I won’t be able to post Week Three next week, sadly, for Craig and I will be in Hawaii, not-so-sadly.
I haven’t even arranged for anything to post in my absence! so perhaps I will attempt to use my darling iPhone and the free wifi in the hotel lobby … but maybe not. We shall see.

I’m so excited! I get to spend all tomorrow packing. And Craig’s going to be at work so I can use lists and do it two or three times. Orgiastic organising!


One comment

  1. Alice · January 9, 2011

    I love the bottom picture, your hair looks awesome. Have an amazing time in Hawaii!

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