365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Family BBQ
My family came over for a barbecue. They think I take too many photos. Or so it seems.

Monday: Bags packed!
I left my packing to the last possible minute. As I always do. Thankfully I’d been planning for weeks what I was actually going to pack. So it was very quick.

Monday v 2: Twinkies and Ding Dongs!
We crossed the International Date Line so we got Monday twice. Time travel! And I tried Twinkies for the first time.

Tuesday: Guacamiole Burger with Bacon. So good.
I love this burger. It’s my Hawaii meal. A cheeseburger with guacamole, bacon, and lettuce. So good.

Wednesday: Looking back the way we came
Looking back at Kalapana from the lava floe on the Big Island.

Thursday: Storm and the Warning sign
The sea after the storm.

Friday: So handsome. Water in his ears.
Craig and I spent our anniversary at the beach. It went swimmingly. So to speak.
(I think my husband is just so handsome)

Saturday: I Heart Yogurtland!
I love Yogurtland. Especially their red velvet cake batter frozen yoghurt. Seriously. And the strawberry mochi pieces.
The perfect post Marc Jacobs treat.


Post Marc by Marc Jacobs Face
Post Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Sunday: Craig chatting with a turtle.
Craig chatting with a turtle. As you do.

Monday: Craig and Diamondhead
My darling and Diamondhead on our last day in Hawaii

Crossing the International Date Line on the way back to New Zealand meant we lost Tuesday.

Wednesday: Craig = Exhausted. At Auckland Domestic Terminal
We didn’t sleep much on the flight to New Zealand. By the time we got to the Domestic Terminal we were shattered.

Thursday: I stayed up late editing and uploading photos from Hawaii
I stayed up late editing and uploading photos. The moon was full.

Friday: Heading out in the Chilly Hutt Valley
It was cold. And I had a busy busy day – I ended up with a Doctor’s appointment, a haircut, and an appointment to get some more colour on my tattoo.

Saturday: Aunty Mena's with friends
Craig, the carnivore, and I headed in to this vegan restaurant to have dinner with some friends. None of whom is vegan. But the food is just really good.


New hair! or rather, old hair but shorter


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