365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Heading out in the rain for filming and rehearsal
Headed out in the rain to a day of filming (Tetris Cops) and rehearsal (Much Ado About Nothing).

Monday: Parakeet Necklace!!
My parakeet necklace arrived! And my obsession with obscure jewellery continues.

Tuesday: Heading home on the Train
Catching the train home from work – I only catch it a couple of times a week but it NEVER runs on time.

Wednesday: Having a drink with my Petra and my Craig
Craig and I headed out for an after-work drink with our favourite Petra.

Thursday: Golden Hour
The sun is rising later and later. I now see “magic hour” in the mornings.

Friday: Sunrise
And the sunrise. I get to see the sunrise.

Saturday: Movies on a relaxing night
After my only free day for the next couple of weeks? I chose to curl up with Craig and DVDs. I chose The Runaways, he chose Going The Distance, and I chose – but we didn’t get to watch – Never Let Me Go.


Sans fringe
Some days it’s just too damn warm to wear my fringe down.


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