365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Hero, Ursula, and Carol
Another rehearsal for Much Ado About Nothing.

Monday: Cone at the Train Station
Valentines Day. Craig was out rockclimbing so I spent the evening with the train, a bus, and on my own at home.

Tuesday: Ad on the Bus
On Tuesday Craig was out training for his mountain bike race on Saturday. So I caught the train and then the bus. Again.
I just really liked this ad.

Wednesday: adorable packaging
I am a sucker for adorable packaging. The hearts box contains a nightdress of the same print.

Thursday: Race pack collected
I picked up my race pack for the Round the Bays. I was number 8177. Petra and I organised to walk it together.
Maybe next year I’ll run it.

Friday: mildly amusing book title
The VERY Important Godwit. Adorable.

Saturday: rehearsal
Another all day rehearsal. While I was not onstage I acted as prompt.
In this bit Benedick is being not-very-nice about my character.


French Knot


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