Intrepid since 2007

I started collecting tourist pins after we got to London in 2007. I had been planning on collecting charms for a bracelet* but they were hard to find. Pins on the other hand? A lot easier.

They’ve been sitting in a faux venetian glass box and I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with them … I’m thinking perhaps a shadow box frame like a collection of pinned butterflies.
I have always intended to photograph them as well. Just in case our house burns down or, more likely, I never get around to doing anything with them.

Here are a few of my favourites:

St Paul's Cathedral

2 Broken key rings from my 1 day at Mme Tussauds
(two broken key rings from my one day working at Madame Tussauds**)

Guinness Factory
Guinness Factory, Dublin

San Fransisco

Shakespeare's Globe

Saturday: Brighton Pin

Moulin Rouge, Paris

Eiffel Tower



Osaka Aquarium
Osaka Aquarium

Kelly Tarlton's

I collect them to this day. Even in New Zealand.

* in the end I collected all charms from London and adore the resulting bracelet.
** I quit, I wasn’t fired. It was horrible.


365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Outside the Thrift Store
Craig and I went out to brunch and to the thrift store. The clothing bin outside urged us to “Bee” aware of Diabetes.

Monday: Prepping for my tattoo consultation
During bits and pieces of work I cobbled together reference images for my tattoo consultation.

Tuesday: Near the Studio
Graffiti near the tattoo studio. I left feeling excited for what my artist will come up with. Ee!

Wednesday: Lunch with Petra
A pigeon flies in to the door-to-nowhere in Mason’s Lane. I was on my way back from lunch with Petra.

Thursday: Train Home
Craig was out mountainbiking so I caught the train home.

Friday: Burgerfuel
A luchador advertising the El Camino burger at BurgerFuel in Lower Hutt.

Saturday: Brighton Pin
I finally did something I’ve been planning on doing for ages. I set out and photographed each of the Tourist Pins I have been collecting since arriving in London in 2007.



In Omnia Paratus: Done for Now

Day one: Achey
October 2010

This is what my side tattoo looked like the last time I showed y’all.
It was a day after I’d had the first session and I was feeling exceptionally badass. It hurt a lot but I had endured.

In early January I received an email from my Auckland-based artist (Erin Chance) saying she was going to be working down in Wellington in late January and did I want to have another session? get some colour added? I jumped at the chance and on the 21st I had the colour added.

Itchy as a motherfucker
January 2011

I sent a few emails to Auckland to try and arrange a time for the final session – to have the shading finished on the camera but the flowers and the banner and the text are all done. It was a lot of back and forth and ultimately we put the appointment-search on hold.

I was going to wait until it was complete before posting this but … I saw on the Sacred Tattoo facebook page that Erin is heading off overseas in June. There is no way I will be able to make it up to Auckland before then.

In Omnia Paratus. Done for now.

Thankfully I like the camera being outline-only.
It seems like this is how it will remain for the foreseeable future.

Erin is planning on coming back to Auckland from time to time and I’m sure it will be finished eventually – but I love it as it is.

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Bedside Table
I tidied up my bedside table and clipped a couple of my favourite photos to my lampshade.

Monday: Mediterranean Food Warehouse
Craig was back! we went to Mediterranean Food Warehouse for Pizza and I wandered the shop while it cooked.
They stock a LOT of different olive oils.

Tuesday: Craig wore my favourite shirt
Craig wore my favourite shirt, it matches his eyes.

Wednesday: Creepy creepy morning
It was a creepy creepy morning in town.

Jayne - AUP New Poets 4
Craig, Jayne, my lovely mother, and I went to the launch of AUP New Poets 4Chris Tse is one of the three new poets.
Later that night Craig and I bartended at the Irish Club for St Patrick’s Day.

Friday: Craig Won the Superman
Craig won the superman!

Saturday: Moonrise
Craig was out playing football, I stayed home and baked cupcakes, drank wine, painted my nails, and shopped online. I felt like a terrible cliché. But it was fun.


Everyone Loves an Irish Girl

A discussion of Zombie Ants, between Sisters, in Haiku

Zombie Ants

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

Control Alt Delete
Four-Oh-Four: Page is Not Found
Reboot and Start Anew

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

Creepy zombie ants
stalked through my dreams all last night
perhaps we are next?

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

Ants have very few
Organisational skills
I’m not worried … much

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

While a fungal head
dress might be rather fetching
where would they send me?

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

This vegetation
Dreams of other rainforests
Of seeing the world

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

Selfish fungal growth
swears it wants to see the world
instead spreads only spores

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

Strong insectacide
I am ready for battle
The ants will not win.

If I don’t come home
Tell my mother I love her
I will die fighting

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

Take tiny axes
to stop their zombie advance.
Make it out alive?

We will honor your death
burnt on a funeral pyre
lit by cans of raid

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

Dastardly fungus
We will hold back the zombie
hordes. Its us or them.

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte>

You and I will fight.
Just, do not tell Mother as
she hates chemicals.

She would rather play
host to thousands of fungi
her heart is too kind

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

A kind heart is good
soil for mind control fungus.
Others will fall too.

What of the others?
The public must know of this
We must warn John Key.

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

I will put it on
the internet. It will spread
like mad, or Zombies!

Perhaps the inter
net is our strain of fungus.
We are all so screwed

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

Operating systems
Have ulterior motives
There is no escape

Are ants a decoy?
Have we been distracted from
The evils in our midst?

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

I think ants are not
a decoy. I do not like
their swarming ways.

They control us as
evil hive mind internet.
Bees may control all.

Their honey and dance
act only to distract us.
I do not trust them.

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

You have descended
Into wild speculations
Bees are innocent

Consider again
The apparently harmless

What was Ed Levri
Doing in that rainforest
really? Tell me that.

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

Perhaps I am just
paranoid. My own fungi.
I caught it from Mum.

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

A tenacious weed. Are you
sure thats all it is?

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

Don’t feed my crazy.
Perhaps I will kill you first
or find that fungi …

Zombie Ants 2

Funny thing was? I was REALLY busy today.

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Darling Man headed off to Dunedin
I spent the day soaking up time with my wonderful Husband. He was off to Dunedin the next day.

Monday: My work at the Art Auction
I went to an Art auction – raising funds for a school trip my Mother is organising. I donated some of my photos to the cause.
A couple of my photos sold (there wasn’t enough time for all of them to go up) and I bought two pieces myself.

Pink pink sky
With Craig away I have been walking to the station every morning. The weather’s been fine and I’ve really enjoyed it.
The end of the day? not so much.

Wednesday: Walking in the Sun
St Paul’s Cathedral, Wellington. Not my favourite Cathedral to St Paul.

Thursday: Craig's back for ONE night
My lovely man came home for ONE night before heading off to play mechanic for his father during the Targa.

Friday: my train
Ahh the pains of catching the train home. It was 15 minutes late. When you’re hanging out to get home that feels like torture.

Saturday: I like this dude's tag
I like this dude’s tag.


Cold and Tired

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Wasp
A lazy day. The last one before show week.

Monday: We made the Dom Post
Morning of our Dress Rehearsal – we made the Dom Post.

Tuesday: Opening Night
Opening night!

Wednesday: Public Transport on the way round to Eastbourne
Public transport on the way round to the show. Trying to not fall asleep and miss the stop.

Thursday: Waiting for the Bus
I find the window dressing for the audiologist’s store intriguing. Why dp they even bother?

Friday: The Bay
A grey day at the bay. And still, we performed outside.

Saturday: Painted Bus Stop
Closing night. Exhausted.


Braided Hair