365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Darling Man headed off to Dunedin
I spent the day soaking up time with my wonderful Husband. He was off to Dunedin the next day.

Monday: My work at the Art Auction
I went to an Art auction – raising funds for a school trip my Mother is organising. I donated some of my photos to the cause.
A couple of my photos sold (there wasn’t enough time for all of them to go up) and I bought two pieces myself.

Pink pink sky
With Craig away I have been walking to the station every morning. The weather’s been fine and I’ve really enjoyed it.
The end of the day? not so much.

Wednesday: Walking in the Sun
St Paul’s Cathedral, Wellington. Not my favourite Cathedral to St Paul.

Thursday: Craig's back for ONE night
My lovely man came home for ONE night before heading off to play mechanic for his father during the Targa.

Friday: my train
Ahh the pains of catching the train home. It was 15 minutes late. When you’re hanging out to get home that feels like torture.

Saturday: I like this dude's tag
I like this dude’s tag.


Cold and Tired


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