A discussion of Zombie Ants, between Sisters, in Haiku

Zombie Ants

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

Control Alt Delete
Four-Oh-Four: Page is Not Found
Reboot and Start Anew

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

Creepy zombie ants
stalked through my dreams all last night
perhaps we are next?

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

Ants have very few
Organisational skills
I’m not worried … much

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

While a fungal head
dress might be rather fetching
where would they send me?

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

This vegetation
Dreams of other rainforests
Of seeing the world

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

Selfish fungal growth
swears it wants to see the world
instead spreads only spores

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

Strong insectacide
I am ready for battle
The ants will not win.

If I don’t come home
Tell my mother I love her
I will die fighting

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

Take tiny axes
to stop their zombie advance.
Make it out alive?

We will honor your death
burnt on a funeral pyre
lit by cans of raid

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

Dastardly fungus
We will hold back the zombie
hordes. Its us or them.

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte>

You and I will fight.
Just, do not tell Mother as
she hates chemicals.

She would rather play
host to thousands of fungi
her heart is too kind

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

A kind heart is good
soil for mind control fungus.
Others will fall too.

What of the others?
The public must know of this
We must warn John Key.

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

I will put it on
the internet. It will spread
like mad, or Zombies!

Perhaps the inter
net is our strain of fungus.
We are all so screwed

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

Operating systems
Have ulterior motives
There is no escape

Are ants a decoy?
Have we been distracted from
The evils in our midst?

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

I think ants are not
a decoy. I do not like
their swarming ways.

They control us as
evil hive mind internet.
Bees may control all.

Their honey and dance
act only to distract us.
I do not trust them.

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

You have descended
Into wild speculations
Bees are innocent

Consider again
The apparently harmless

What was Ed Levri
Doing in that rainforest
really? Tell me that.

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

Perhaps I am just
paranoid. My own fungi.
I caught it from Mum.

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

A tenacious weed. Are you
sure thats all it is?

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

Don’t feed my crazy.
Perhaps I will kill you first
or find that fungi …

Zombie Ants 2

Funny thing was? I was REALLY busy today.


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