365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Outside the Thrift Store
Craig and I went out to brunch and to the thrift store. The clothing bin outside urged us to “Bee” aware of Diabetes.

Monday: Prepping for my tattoo consultation
During bits and pieces of work I cobbled together reference images for my tattoo consultation.

Tuesday: Near the Studio
Graffiti near the tattoo studio. I left feeling excited for what my artist will come up with. Ee!

Wednesday: Lunch with Petra
A pigeon flies in to the door-to-nowhere in Mason’s Lane. I was on my way back from lunch with Petra.

Thursday: Train Home
Craig was out mountainbiking so I caught the train home.

Friday: Burgerfuel
A luchador advertising the El Camino burger at BurgerFuel in Lower Hutt.

Saturday: Brighton Pin
I finally did something I’ve been planning on doing for ages. I set out and photographed each of the Tourist Pins I have been collecting since arriving in London in 2007.




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