When life is all a bit too much

Katy Perry Shatter Nailpolish

Sometimes when life just seems a bit too too much? 
I buy hair dye and strange nail polish and spend Saturday night all alone just being quiet. Shhhh. It’d be silent here at Park Place except the heater is humming and my fingers are taptaptapping against this iPad.

I watched just the littlest bit of the Royal Wedding last night. It was on but silent and I was hanging out with a coworker. That was much much more fun than listening to the inane commentary. 

35 hours from now I will be climbing the stairs to my garret tattoo studio (it is attic-like but not wretched) for my new tattoo. I am ridiculously, goosebump-ily excited. 

Sometimes you just have to focus on the small things – feeling pretty, people who make you laugh, adding to my personal art gallery.

Mock up for my tattoo consultation tomorrow A snippet of my tattoo drawing - that's all you get for now!


365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Craig watches the V8s
I padded around the house and Craig watched the V8s.

Monday: Creepy sunset and rain on the window
A rainy afternoon bled into an eerie pink/orange dusk.

Tuesday: Dandelion Clock
I made my own way home and had a little wander around the rain-fresh gardens of Park Place.

Wednesday: Beautiful dawn across the harbour
Cotton candy dawn stained the bay.

Thursday: easter cupcakes for morning tea
We had an Easter morning-tea at work. I took the opportunity to make little easter basket cupcakes.
They were freaking adorable, if I do say so myself.

Friday: All I achieved was reading a book & working out a new plait
A lazy good Friday. All I managed was reading half of book 2 and half of book 3 of the Hunger Games trilogy.
And working out how to make my plait stand out all professional-like.

Saturday: the Plucky Sheila stall at Craft 2.0
I helped out at the door of Craft 2.0, a modern craft fair.
This is the stall for Plucky Sheila, Kate Sheppard features prominently.


Focus on Hairstrands

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Craig was on strip duty again
Craig was on strip duty again this week. Yellow jerseys and green shorts and socks littered our house.

Monday: flatfish at the supermarket
We really need to get better at being grown ups and planning our meals in advance. All too often we have to go to the supermarket on the way home which is just SUCH a pain.

Tuesday: I owned this dress for under 24 hours
The saga of the dress continues. It was the perfect colours and I loved the material. SUCH a pity that it made me hate myself every time I looked in the mirror while wearing it.
But! Thanks to the wonder that is The Outnet, it was picked up by the courier for return within 24 hours.

Wednesday: old school vespa
I liked this vespa parked near my work.

Thursday: petrol before work
Early morning petrol run.

Friday: Greyhounds as pets!
I gave to the Greyhounds as Pets charity and patted this pretty pretty dog. Her name was Adie. Or Amy. Something like that.

Saturday: I bought a car
I bought a car. I guess I now have to learn how to drive.


Glasses and curly hair. I feel like an alter ego
with my glasses and curly hair I feel like an alter-ego.

My Photos: Found

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: I just adore Flickr*.
In their adorable little Stats section of my account I get to see how people end up at my photos. More often than not it’s because strangers are searching for tattoo photos – I should know, I did the same. So I tend to help those people out by tagging my photos in a helpful manner**. Less often they are searching for Leather Skirts or Scarves. For a while there were people searching for Self Injury. Which I do NOT approve of but I do tend to take self-portraits of my injuries so what can I do? I think I changed the injury tag to accident. Because they all were. Accidental I mean.

I’m getting off point.

I noticed that there was one referee which was “all cctv information’. Huh? that piqued my interest. Turns out? A photo of a vintage fire alarm site has been used on a Malaysian site about CCTV.
With credit. Which is fine!


Fire Alarm

Oh internet, you amuse me so!

* this post is not sponsored. Sadly.
** incidentally? I ran a little tag experiment last week when I posted the photos of my side tattoo by tagging them with “underwear” etc. SPIKE!. Hah. Oh internet, you are predictable.

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Craig's on laundry duty for his football team
Craig had to was his team’s football strip. There was green and yellow everywhere.

Monday: daylight savings
Daylight savings changed and all of a sudden the mornings were light again. It was creepy.

Tuesday: think it'll be a nice day?
And immediately it seemed like the weather was all about winter.

Wednesday: wedding venue bar crawl
The family met up after work on Wednesday to trial out wedding venues. It turned in to somewhat of a bar crawl. Fun!

Thursday: the Rio ad is a TEASE
Autumn loves pretending to be Winter. The bus adverts for Rio? just a tease.

Friday: PMI Magazine
The internet went down during a lull in work so I broke out my emergency magazine.
I understand they’re playing around with white space but this was ridiculous.

Saturday: buying Charlotte's wedding dress
We bought my baby sister’s wedding dress. She looked beautiful.


Flat Eyes

Life Tourist

One of the things I like most about taking a photo every damn day is looking back at this day in years past.

Craig at the Royal Opera
Craig and I had dinner in Paris. As you do.

Saturday: Almost forgot! Tiki. Macro.
I almost forgot to take a photo and ended up with this shot of our Hawaiian Tiki.

Synday: Starwars Potato Heads on the set of Tetris Cops
I was filming Tetris Cops and the location was home to Star Wars Potato Heads.

Daylight savings
Daylight Savings changed again and the light workday morning was unnerving.

Some years are more exciting than others …

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Eastbourne for Auditions
It was pouring with rain in the morning but by the time I made it around to Eastbourne for the Oleanna auditions it was bright bright sunshine. Crazy Wellington Autumn.

Monday: Going for a Run
I got home from work and I was unusually full of energy, so I went for a run. Madness!

Tuesday: I love this Workshop Denim Ad
I love this ad for Workshop Denim. Navy blue glitter & piercing eyes.

Wednesday: I got the part!
I got the part I auditioned for. I was thrilled.

Thursday: Winter's Sweatshirt
The last day of March. I found a sweatshirt to see me through winter.

Friday: quite a few lines
I printed a copy of the Oleanna script and highlighted my lines. There are quite a few.

Saturday: Reading Fashion Magazines
I spent a couple of hours reading the Fashion magazines that have been piling up for months. Autumn inspiration.


Post shower