My Photos: Found

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: I just adore Flickr*.
In their adorable little Stats section of my account I get to see how people end up at my photos. More often than not it’s because strangers are searching for tattoo photos – I should know, I did the same. So I tend to help those people out by tagging my photos in a helpful manner**. Less often they are searching for Leather Skirts or Scarves. For a while there were people searching for Self Injury. Which I do NOT approve of but I do tend to take self-portraits of my injuries so what can I do? I think I changed the injury tag to accident. Because they all were. Accidental I mean.

I’m getting off point.

I noticed that there was one referee which was “all cctv information’. Huh? that piqued my interest. Turns out? A photo of a vintage fire alarm site has been used on a Malaysian site about CCTV.
With credit. Which is fine!


Fire Alarm

Oh internet, you amuse me so!

* this post is not sponsored. Sadly.
** incidentally? I ran a little tag experiment last week when I posted the photos of my side tattoo by tagging them with “underwear” etc. SPIKE!. Hah. Oh internet, you are predictable.


One comment

  1. Kerry · April 12, 2011

    Hahaha, I've got to add some keywords like 'sex', 'underwear' and 'tattoos' to my posts stat!The only recurring visit I get is for people looking at murder mystery nights as I did one a few months ago. To be fair, it was awesome.

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