365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Craig was on strip duty again
Craig was on strip duty again this week. Yellow jerseys and green shorts and socks littered our house.

Monday: flatfish at the supermarket
We really need to get better at being grown ups and planning our meals in advance. All too often we have to go to the supermarket on the way home which is just SUCH a pain.

Tuesday: I owned this dress for under 24 hours
The saga of the dress continues. It was the perfect colours and I loved the material. SUCH a pity that it made me hate myself every time I looked in the mirror while wearing it.
But! Thanks to the wonder that is The Outnet, it was picked up by the courier for return within 24 hours.

Wednesday: old school vespa
I liked this vespa parked near my work.

Thursday: petrol before work
Early morning petrol run.

Friday: Greyhounds as pets!
I gave to the Greyhounds as Pets charity and patted this pretty pretty dog. Her name was Adie. Or Amy. Something like that.

Saturday: I bought a car
I bought a car. I guess I now have to learn how to drive.


Glasses and curly hair. I feel like an alter ego
with my glasses and curly hair I feel like an alter-ego.


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