365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: sleepy Rowan
The new Mrs Thompson Darling, my husband, and I visited our cousins. Their house was warm, the coffee good, the people lovely, and the puppy was sleepy.

Monday: the light, the light!
I was taken by the light. It was beautiful. Such an everyday scene but the light? the light!

Tuesday: cabbage or flower? Who cares.
This was in a bouquet. It looks like a cabbage to me. Is it? So strange. But beautiful.

Wednesday: dying flowers and bunnyheads
My flowers from my director were gorgeous – even as they died.
I just happened to like the tableau with the Mr & Mrs bunnyhead.

Thursday: go go Kiwi dude!
In PNG, a kiwi dude was shot by arrows while saving his girlfriend from a vicious attack. Hardcore.

Friday: exhausted but the show must go on
A terrible day. I was exhausted.
The show must go on.

Saturday: new print from Devon Anna Smith
Craig and I braved Craft 2.0, I met the mega-cute Dear Colleen and Devon Smith. I spent my hardearned cash at their shared stall – a lemony tea towel and the above print. SO pleased.


A month off.


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