The Last CommuteThis morning's commute
the last commute vs the first commute

This weekend just past, the one right behind you, Craig and I packed up [most of] Park Place and shifted ourselves and our mountains of odds and ends to the Wondapartment in Wellington.

It looks small, Park Place, without our things in it.

It was a lovely house and it served us well for near on two years. I will miss running up and down the three storeys. I will miss having a room dedicated to books. I will miss the verdant views.

My tolerance for all creatures scuttle-y has increased with two years living in the bush. I (and my husband) will remain eternally grateful for this. Now when I screech about an insect in the bathroom it is with an air of LOOK WHAT HAS BEEN LIVING IN THIS HOUSE ALL THIS TIME AND WE HAD NO IDEA. Not with an air of SAVE ME SAVE ME SAVE ME.

Sidenote: an entire shelf of our pantry was ceded to the spiders. It was too high for me to reach anyway and they just hung out and made it all web-y*.

But the city, the city – how it called to me..

Loving on mustard lace today.Nearly empty wardrobe

This morning, or perhaps it was last night, either way it was in the hours when reaching over to check the time seems like an insurmountable effort, I was woken by a nearby bar playing, at volume, WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH A DRUNKEN SAILOR. Take him home and put him to bed I thought as I turned the pillow to the cool side and slipped back to sleep.

Later this morning, I left the wondapartment. Craig was still brushing his teeth. I stepped out onto a quiet city street. I cut across to the coffee shop on the corner and ordered a long black to go. By the time I had my steaming coffee in my hand, I had my husband outside the door for our new commute.

Craig and I wandered along the waterfront to work – sun on our faces and seabreeze in the air – considered the Rugby World Cup Fanzone and the seal on the rocks (we couldn’t see him) and the utter beauty of the morning.

We live two minutes walk from, what seems like, everything.

Yes, the wondapartment is small**, & it is a little noisy, but that is a small price.
I can’t wait to continue on with the living there.

Boxes boxes everywhereIt looks lived in already.

City girl

* I realise that all of this SOUNDS like I am complaining, but I’m really not! Park Place was wonderful. And full of insects.
** I managed to get rid of a lot. But there is still just SO MUCH everywhere. I think the downsizing will continue.


365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: building a bookcase
Buying wood and whatnot to repair my ailing bookshelf.

Monday: beginning the pack
Taking all the art off the walls. The beginning of the pack.

Tuesday: Hail and sun at the SAME TIME
A very odd moment on Tuesday morning – it was both hailing and bright sunlight.

Wednesday: mediterranean pizza
Wednesday was a no-good very-bad day. Pizza was required.

Thursday: late night train
Last time (for a long time) catching the train home from Wellington.

I spent my lunch break taking photos of a Wellington Central candidate. It was a beautiful day.

Saturday: moving day!
Terrible photo, yes, but I was busy packing because Saturday was MOVING DAY.


Glasses week

My head might explode, I’m so excited.

Dearest The Internet,

I have a fear. I am just the teeniest bit afraid that my head might explode (boom) because … well … everything is going right. For a change. My poor cynical cranium, It is unused to the pressure of such things.

Oh. Now that I think about it. this seems all terribly depressing. I did not intend it to be so! I simply mean that I’m unused to so MANY things going right ALL AT THE SAME TIME.



I am SO excited.

On top of all of this my social calendar is just bursting at the seams.

These next few weeks are a flurry of packing and moving and work functions and passport applications and birthday parties and oh just everything.

I don’t know how I will handle it. But I’ll try.

xoxo, Sarah-Rose

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: nails
Feeling a little bit normal – I painted my nails. OPI Skull and Glossbones teamed with OPI Done out in Deco.

Monday: Pak n Save has RWC 2011 spirit, yes it does
Pak ‘n’ Save Petone sure has a LOT of Rugby World Cup 2011 spirit.

Tuesday: mega hail
In the middle of the day the weather collapsed into m&m size hail. By the time I made it to the car in the evening it was sunny but still cold enough that the hail was sticking.


Thursday: flat viewing
Magritte advertising at a Wellington shoe store. I loved it.

Friday: almost forgot a photo
Sometimes, like this Friday, I forget to take a photo until I’m in the bathroom on the way home.

Saturday: flat viewing AND lease signing
Gorgeous Wellington graffiti near our new place.
Yes. Our new place. On Saturday we signed a tenancy agreement on an inner city apartment. I am so excited.


17 September

Post Paleo

Dinosaur terrarium

Today marks six weeks of Paleo for Craig and I. How’d we do?
I think we did pretty well. We didn’t make it through 100% of the time, but I’m pretty certain we averaged over 80%, probably closer to 90%. I coped a little better with office lunches than my sandwich-fan husband, but that was always expected.

My smallest pair of jeans, the jeans I couldn’t fit 6 weeks ago? are now the only pair of jeans I own which fit properly.

So what now?

Much to Craig’s chagrin, I don’t want to jump back on the refined carbohydrate bandwagon. But I miss … soy sauce. And tortillas. And chickpeas.
(I really don’t miss dairy, or bread)

I think the lasting impact of Paleo is more about eating whole foods.
I read more labels than ever before. I avoid emulsifiers and stabilisers and ridiculous additives. Unusually, I’m eating more organic than … ever. It just seems to be making sense to me.

Oh and the coworker who said he would waste us all? Didn’t make it a week. Victory!

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Apologies in advance for this week. I was really rather sick.

Sunday: alcohol is always a welcome gift in our family
Alcohol is always a welcome present in our family.

Monday: sinus-y head
The first day at home with my cold. I thought it did not need to visit the doctor. I was wrong.

Tuesday: making lemon and honey
I felt no better and moved onto adding lemon and honey to my self-medication.

Wednesday: fevered
I fought through a morning at work then slept an afternoon at home. When I finally woke up I went to the doctor.
Apparently I had a very high fever and should not have been at work that morning.

Thursday: West Wing in bed
Penicillin, the West Wing, and bed.

Friday: sequins
I made it out of bed! And hung out a lot of clothes I’m getting rid of so that my family could “shop” Park Place on Saturday.

Saturday: terrifying polaroid of my husband
Found this terrifying old polaroid of my husband. I think he was 17? 18? at the time.


Fever & blue

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: mural in Eastbourne


I was wrangled into helping the BCTT rehearse.

Monday: tattoo t-shirt


Tattoo t-shirt sale!

Tuesday: no good very bad day


Pretty sure this was a no-good, very-bad day.

Wednesday: what year IS this? Meat Loaf and Def Leppard


Meatloaf AND Def Leppard are coming to Wellington. This seems … not very 2011.

Thursday: listing schtuff on TradeMe


I spent an hour in the afternoon listing stuff on TradeMe.

Friday: drunken pizza


Drunken, angry pizza.

Saturday: Brooklyn Deli


I am now a BIG fan of the falafel at Brooklyn Cafe.


Chartreuse and and crossbones