365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Rugby World Cup Final
In the Backbencher, surrounded by puppets, I watched the All Blacks win the Rugby World Cup.

Monday: deconstructing the Fanzone
The next morning the Fanzone was already being deconstructed.

Tuesday: Cheerful graffiti
A very cheerful mural near the Wondapartment. I do not think it constitutes graffiti.

Tuesday: Brad Thorn and the Web Ellis
I saw the All Blacks victory parade & Brad Thorn raising the Web Ellis cup.

Thursday: Cheerful Graffiti
I look out for this little guy every time I walk to work the Wakefield Street way.

Friday: my first ever blood test
My first ever blood test. Yes, first ever. I have always been remarkably healthy. Even this one was just routine.

Saturday: studded loafers!
I bought studded loafers. Indeed I did.


Grey day


365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Graffiti
Graffiti near the wondapartment. Craig & I were headed to the supermarket for dinner. We ended up buying pizza.
Terrible plan.

Monday: Sunlight breaking through
Sunlight fingers through the clouds on the walk to work.

Tuesday: Eastbourne Women's Club
The decor in the Eastbourne Women’s Club cracks me up.

Wednesday: KeepCup called Kat
My keep cup arrived. I call it Kat.
(it’s because of the turquoise)

Thursday: on the way to Eastbourne. Again
Headed out to Eastbourne for the last time for a long while.

Friday: Poster for John Waters. SO EXCITED
A strange strange day. But! There are posters everywhere for John Waters’ one-man show. I’m so excited.

Saturday: Devil's Tongue disappointment
Craig and I went out to see the Devil’s Tongue flower. It smells like rotting meat and only flowers once every seven years. I’ve wanted to see one for years now.
I was mildly disappointed. We may have just caught it when the smell was waning (it comes in waves) but it didn’t really smell like anything, save perhaps compost. But I am glad I saw it.




Heading round to Eastbourne. Again

It has just turned Sunday morning. Craig is just about sleeping but I? I am sitting in our giant brown chair (far too giant for our miniature wondapartment) sipping water and listening to the city outside.

It is full of heels on pavement, this Sunday morning, the drunken bawl of men & keen of women. The low thrum of the traffic. The far off bass of a covers band. Laughter and broken glass. In a few hours the streets will smell foetid & worn.

The city is making the most of tonight.

So am I.
Sitting cool & quiet. Sipping water, bare legged, I am content.

(I could be out there. Often I am. But not tonight.)

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Rehearsal in Eastbourne
Stuck all the way out in Eastbourne for rehearsal. At least the weather put on a show.

Monday: look up more
I like catching the architectural features most people miss.

Tuesday: rehearsal in Eastbourne
Eastbourne again. This time for sunset.

Wednesday: the dinosaur on my desk!
This dinosaur lives on my computer monitor. He falls down at least four times a week. Half of those times he falls into cold coffee.

Thursday: new iPhone sticker
I bought a new iPhone sticker. And it’s not one based on a photo I took. What is wrong with me?
Nothing. This one is pretty.

Friday: lunchdate!
Met my favourite former colleague for a lunch date. The overly attentive waiter bought me a new glass of wine each time mine was down to only 1/3 full. This photo is the panicked result.

Saturday: empties
We managed to squeeze more than 30 people into our teeny tiny flat for a birthday party/flatwarming.
There were a lot of empties on Saturday morning.


Conference call boredom
Bo-ored. But being useful! Just my usual conference call boredom narcissism

Oh Meadowlark​, You’re KILLING me

When the inimitable Gala Darling asked what websites for New Zealand Jewellery there was only one answer I could give

Tweet tweet

There’s really only one, always and forever, my favourite is Meadowlark.
(Although Karen Walker jewels are fab too)

This weekend, the DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY, Meadowlark made their latest collection available for pre-order. I died just a little as I flicked through it and DID NOT ORDER ANYTHING.

I did however add a few things to my wishlist.

Arrowhead. Collection by Meadowlark
(click to enlarge)

Bow Bone ring by Meadowlark
Bone Bow cocktail ring.
But I have not decided if I would prefer rose or smoky quartz.

Photo by superette
Photo from Superette.

Arrowhead earrings by Meadowlark
bone bow charm faceted charm
Faceted earrings
Faceted and Bone Bow charm bracelets.

But of course, things like dental work and Irish passports and rent, the small things, take precedence. So my every-growing collection of Meadowlark jewels (it’s a bit of a sickness) will have to wait just a little while longer.

I hate being a grown up sometimes.

Wearing my @meadowlarknz bone ring from @onceit stacked with my deco diamonds Nouvelle bague de @meadowlarknz <3
Meadowlark Added a @meadowlarknz charm bracelet to my arm party!
I own at least one piece from every single collection save for two.

p.s. I believe this goes without saying but this is NOT a sponsored post. The adoration is completely my own.

365 in 2011 – a day late and a whole year older

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: volunteering?
Hiking around Wellington delivering letters. In the rain.

Monday: Oh, Canada
Poor Canada.

Tuesday: terrible day, terrible photos
A terrible day and a terrible photo.

Wednesday: mystery flowers are only nice for an hour
Today was the day I found out that mystery flowers are amazing for … about an hour.
Then they become very very creepy.

Thursday: Wellington Central Launch
I spent the evening playing photographer. So much fun.

Friday: creepy clouds in the Valley
Looking back to the Valley. But only at the odd odd clouds.

Saturday: birthday cupcake & labbit!
Birthday cupcake.


Twenty-SO OLD
I turned twenty-SO OLD.

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: SO excited to live in town
I was so excited to finally be living in town.

Monday: I am in love with my new commute
My new commute was just beautiful.

Tuesday: sleepy seal
Sometimes seals choose the Wellington waterfront to recuperate. This one was adorably sleepy.

Wednesday: neon sky just before dawn
The sky is bright neon in the seconds before sunrise.

Thursday: magazines
Magazines. I try to like them but I just … do not. They are too pricey for my taste.

Friday: the Navy is in town!
New Zealand’s Navy (yes, all of it) was in town. The sun was out and the city was full of sailors.

Saturday: Lillies at Joe's Garage
Lillies at Joe’s Garage – there for a family brunch.


Selfportrait: slightly hungover, sitting in the sun
Self portrait: in the sun, slightly hungover.