365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Graffiti
Graffiti near the wondapartment. Craig & I were headed to the supermarket for dinner. We ended up buying pizza.
Terrible plan.

Monday: Sunlight breaking through
Sunlight fingers through the clouds on the walk to work.

Tuesday: Eastbourne Women's Club
The decor in the Eastbourne Women’s Club cracks me up.

Wednesday: KeepCup called Kat
My keep cup arrived. I call it Kat.
(it’s because of the turquoise)

Thursday: on the way to Eastbourne. Again
Headed out to Eastbourne for the last time for a long while.

Friday: Poster for John Waters. SO EXCITED
A strange strange day. But! There are posters everywhere for John Waters’ one-man show. I’m so excited.

Saturday: Devil's Tongue disappointment
Craig and I went out to see the Devil’s Tongue flower. It smells like rotting meat and only flowers once every seven years. I’ve wanted to see one for years now.
I was mildly disappointed. We may have just caught it when the smell was waning (it comes in waves) but it didn’t really smell like anything, save perhaps compost. But I am glad I saw it.




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