Another year over

Saturday: Charlotte getting bronzed

2011 was a year with a lot of up, a lot of down, and quite a bit of in between.

In 2011 Craig and I said goodbye to the Hutt Valley for city living in Wellington. We travelled to Hawaii and not much of anywhere else. Work was both stressful and fulfilling, full of sound and fury, culminating in … not a lot.
My family expanded by one when my baby sister got married. Full family dinners are now a table of eight.
I am skinnier, richer, happier, and more complicated than ever before. I made new friends, kept old ones, and made the most of living in town.

Best of all, best of all, I became an Irish citizen.

In 2011 I resolved to:
x be more frugal – yes? yes.
x maintain the healthy-ish lifestyle I managed in 2010 – yes.
x declutter – oh yes.
x take a photo every damn day – yes! yet again. I missed two self-portraits though.
x keep percolating this tattoo idea. – yes! and uh … also yes.

I am ever so excited about 2012:
x Europe*
x a new job**
x taking a photo every damn day
x new tattoos***

Let’s see how it goes. I can’t wait!

LONG HAIR Au Revoir 2011
first and last

* in April Craig and I are, leave from work notwithstanding, heading to Europe for a month.
** fingers crossed. I have leads and plans.
*** I have plans for two in 2012. I’ve managed to make it onto the list for one of my wishlist artists. I cannot wait.


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