366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: Courtenay Place
The new year started (again) rather late in the morning. Walking down Courtenay Place was surprisingly pristine.

Monday: Cue sale
Shopping the Cue sale. With a gift voucher from Christmas, the regular sale, and an extra 20 per cent off for Cue Club members, I got that skirt at the front for SIX dollars. Six.

Tuesday: a better day
Coffee in the sun. Only Mojo Bank Arcade was open.

Wednesday: Moss cliff face
Bush walking in Percy Scenic Reserve.

Thursday: Oriental Bay ... and employed!
Ropes along Oriental Parade. I had just left a successful coffee meeting with my new boss (!).

Friday: Sometimes this country looks quite big
Sometimes this little country can look quite big.
We were headed to Napier.

Saturday: We found hats!
In Napier we visited an antique store and tried on all the amazing hats.
I almost bought that fuzzy white turban. I only stopped because, well, because it is a fuzzy white turban,


Wedding outfit


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