366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: Sodden sisters
It was raining so hard when we left Napier that this is what my sisters looked like after less than two minutes outside.

Monday: TRIKE is everywhere
Heading home after coffee with Andy.

Tuesday: barely left the house
At 3:30pm I realised I hadn’t left the house at all so dragged myself down to the waterfront on my way to the supermarket.

Wednesday: a trip to Te Papa after booking flights
After a morning spent in Flight Centre booking flights* I went to Te Papa to see the Unveiled exhibition from the V&A

Thursday: coffee dates along Lambton
Two coffee dates. Opposite ends of town.

Friday: headed home, officially employed
Headed home along the waterfront after signing my new contract.

Saturday: anniversary picnic
The annual Burke wedding anniversary picnic at Bolton Street Cemetery


Anniversary photo 2012

* Yes!! I will tell all soon enough. I am so excited I might die.


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