88 days and counting

Our hotel in Venice
A: our Hotel in Venice

This morning I cried.
I was sitting at my desk and I read something that brought me to tears. Happy tears! But I was lachrymose all the same.

The Tate Modern is hosting an exhibition of Yayoi Kusama from 9 February – 5 June. From 4 April – 9 September they are hosting an exhibition of Damien Hirst.

So for the 8 nights I am in London, my favourite city in the world, my favourite gallery in the world is hosting exhibitions by two of my favourite artists.

It’s like they know I’m coming home for a visit. They’re putting on a show.

I was so happy I cried.

Also, this morning I was trawling lastminute.co.uk looking for deals on accommodation – just the other day I found a well-reviewed hotel in Primrose Hill for the price we were going to pay for a shared-facilities hostel room! – and found, to my shock and delight, a rather budget but very well-reviewed hotel in Venice.

It’s kind of close to St Mark’s square. Sort of. About 150 metres. No big deal.


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