It’s funny how things work out. Or it’s funny how they don’t.

Street Art, London

June 15 2008.
It was just a week before I was due to fly home from London. Knowing that there was only the slightest chance that Craig would get sponsored and we could move back to London.
I left knowing that the next time I would be there would be to pack up and move back to New Zealand.


June 15 2009
I posted this photo with tears in my eyes. I meant it.
Dear Universe, I know I have lost.

I was giving up, letting go, sick of yearning for a city thousands of miles away. All it was doing was making my life like marking time. I was resolving to stop living that way*.

I knew that if it was meant to be, it would be. I was giving up to the Universe but not giving up on the Universe.

Monday: naturalisation begins

June 15 2011
I received confirmation I was to become an Irish Citizen.

No, not really. The letter arrived on the 3rd of June. But wouldn’t it have been great if it had been the 15th?

The Universe works in perfect synchrony sometimes.

* And we did! We travelled to Japan, to Hawaii, we moved into the city.


366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Glorious clouds
The clouds were glorious on our way home from Ohope.

Monday: Rubgy Statue
Back at work, the weekend was too busy. I was exhausted.

Tuesday: bright morning
It looks like I was alone this morning. I really wasn’t. Odd.

Wednesday: blue sky, reflected
This building, down an alley on my way home from work, is rather a lovely shade of red.

Thursday: mural
I love this mural, a young/old man riding a bicycle.

Friday: pebbles outside Molly's
I find the wheelbarrows full of pebbles and plants outside Molly Malone’s perplexing.

Saturday: vestibule
Ornate on ornate in our apartment building’s vestibule.


Honey bee sting
Stung! By a honey bee!

I’m all over the place today


Hi there!
You may have noticed one or two (or uh … 25) of my old posts show up in the RSS feed.
See, I found 50 or so posts which are ‘uncategorised’ and I just can’t stand that. It bugs me inordinately. Thank you anal-retentive obsessive-compulsive tendencies*.

I’ve been categorising them. I did not realise they were republishing until i had edited … quite a few.

Unfortunately I … haven’t quite finished. So you might see some more. I’m sorry.

I’ll space them out now that I know its either feast or famine. I hope the old posts don’t bother y’all too much.

xoxo Sarah-Rose

* tendencies. Not disorder. Please do not think I am making light of people with OCD. Wavering along the line myself I know how lucky I am.

Your shape is like an hourglass but I think the time’s up

At the @mayerhawthorne gig<3 on for @mayerhawthorne

Two days ago I had no idea who Mayer Hawthorne was. Now? I have a serious crush.
Not just because he is adorable, and tall – I do like my men tall – but because the man can sing. And his songs are damn catchy.


I found out he was coming to New Zealand. He was playing the very next night.
I clicked around frantically but stopped myself when I found the tickets were ever so slightly under $60. A bit much to pay for an artist I’ve only just discovered. Especially so close to Europe.

I started following him on Twitter. And Instagram. Then, just a couple of hours later, he posted a competition giving away two tickets to his show. All we had to do was give him the common name for Apteryx Mantelli.

(it’s the North Island Brown Kiwi, thanks google!)

That’s how, at 10pm on a school night, my crush on Mayer Hawthorne was solidified. He gives good show. Damn good show.

Craig even said he would ‘not be too upset if his songs made it on to the playlist’. As if he ever has any real choice in the matter. Adorable.

55 seconds of my favourite song

366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: travel books at the library
Holed up at the library with a stack of travel books was not the worst way to spend an afternoon.

Monday: I see dawns again
One bonus of the shorter days (pretty much the only bonus) is that I get to see more dawns this way.

Tuesday: St Valentine's Day
Every year I am surprised by Valentine’s Day. You’d think it would not be so, given it doesn’t change date like that sneaky Easter, but no. Every year.

Wednesday: a soft evening
A soft evening light almost makes the carpark and strip club combo across the street look romantic. Almost.

Thursday: fellow waterfront commuters
Another dawn! Another beautiful Wellington waterfront day.

Clouds on Lake Taupo
Apocalyptic weather chased us from Wellington to Ohope. But it made for some amazing clouds.

Beach-y Pines
We spent the spare three hours we had in Ohope making the most of their beach.
I hadn’t planned on going swimming but two waves took care of that.


Ready for the wedding

Weddings? I love weddings!



This weekend was over in a flash.
On Friday we drove the 7 hours from Wellington to Ohope. On Saturday we spent three hours at the beach and seven hours at a wedding. On Sunday we drove the 7 hours from Ohope to Wellington.

We are road weary, sun burned, as tired as anything, but so happy for Rose and Andrew.

The wedding was really rather lovely.




Pa pa paleo – Raw Cacao Macaroons

Saturday: makng macaroons (art directing Craig)

There are some good things that come from this Paleo diet. Besides weight loss and not feeling disgusting after meals. But sometimes you come up with delicious treats that you can share with your friends who are gluten free, or have chronic fatigue syndrome, or who have recently found out that they are allergic to PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING.
And these? these are so good that I will probably make them on and off for years. They are so good I would eat them if I did not care about gluten or grains or dairy or anything else. They are so good I emailed them to all my people before I even perfected the recipe.

Because I kind of did make this recipe up. Not from scratch, it is sort of an amalgam of three or four different recipes, and a bit of trial and error on my part. But you should try them! They are delicious.


Raw Cacao Macaroons

1/2 cup raw cacao powder
1/4 cup coconut oil
2tbsp organic maple syrup
2tbsp organic agave nectar
dash of organic vanilla essence
pinch of sea salt
Desiccated coconut

3 4

Combine all the ingredients. Add enough coconut to make a mixture that sticks together.
I made a double batch and used about 100g of coconut. Next time I would probably even up the coconut content.

5 6

Roll into balls, lay on greaseproof paper, and refrigerate.

If the balls are a little melty (coconut oil is VERY MELTY), don’t panic like I did the first time. It’ll harden back up in the fridge!


366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: Picnic at Mindy & Shane's
It was grey and humid and had rained the day before, but we gathered for a picnic anyway and it was rather lovely.

Monday: bird sitting
SuperBowl Sunday in the USA and a holiday Monday in NZ lined up so we spent FOUR HOURS pretending we knew what was going on with American Football.
At the beginning I picked The Giants as my team. So pleased when they won.

Tuesday: at Craig's tattoo consult
At our tattoo studio we can either walk up three flights of stairs or take a terrifyingly ancient lift.
(Craig was having a tattoo consultation, not my turn this time)

Wednesday: heading home on the Waterfront
Oh the walk along the waterfront is rather beautiful at times. Even something as utilitarian as the bridge over the lagoon.

Thursday: stairs in the beehive
Abstract, yes. Storeys of stairs in the Beehive.

Friday: office detail
Office detail. Beautiful protector, I believe. Foo dog? Shishi? I am not sure, but he is lovely.

Saturday: makng macaroons (art directing Craig)
Making raw macaroons AND art directing my lovely husband.
(I get so frustrated, he doesn’t see things as I do, I can’t understand it.)
(in short? I am horrible, he is lovely)



366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: in the Hutt Valley
Craig and I spent far too long in the Hutt Valley.

Monday: Twenty7names dress and topshop flats
Walking home, wearing a Twenty7Names dress and TopShop studded flats.

Tuesday: stained glass owl face
Stained glass owl face in a shop window.

Wednesday: rain on blue and green
Rain on green with blue in the background.
Lovely weather.

Thursday: pop up garden in civic square
There’s a pop-up garden in Civic square!

Friday: oh, The Sevens
Oh, the Sevens, classy classy carnival.

Saturday: Cat Sitting
Craig and I schlepped out to the Hutt Valley. My family were in Melbourne and we were cat-sitting.