Your shape is like an hourglass but I think the time’s up

At the @mayerhawthorne gig<3 on for @mayerhawthorne

Two days ago I had no idea who Mayer Hawthorne was. Now? I have a serious crush.
Not just because he is adorable, and tall – I do like my men tall – but because the man can sing. And his songs are damn catchy.


I found out he was coming to New Zealand. He was playing the very next night.
I clicked around frantically but stopped myself when I found the tickets were ever so slightly under $60. A bit much to pay for an artist I’ve only just discovered. Especially so close to Europe.

I started following him on Twitter. And Instagram. Then, just a couple of hours later, he posted a competition giving away two tickets to his show. All we had to do was give him the common name for Apteryx Mantelli.

(it’s the North Island Brown Kiwi, thanks google!)

That’s how, at 10pm on a school night, my crush on Mayer Hawthorne was solidified. He gives good show. Damn good show.

Craig even said he would ‘not be too upset if his songs made it on to the playlist’. As if he ever has any real choice in the matter. Adorable.

55 seconds of my favourite song



  1. xoxBubbles · February 23, 2012

    Man, I hadn’t heard of him until this morning, and YES! He has an AMAZING voice, totally my newest musical crush ❤

    • Sarah-Rose · February 24, 2012

      Happy to share the love!

      • xoxBubbles · February 27, 2012

        I’m about to post a few of his songs for a belated Music Monday, haven’t stopped listening 🙂

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