It’s funny how things work out. Or it’s funny how they don’t.

Street Art, London

June 15 2008.
It was just a week before I was due to fly home from London. Knowing that there was only the slightest chance that Craig would get sponsored and we could move back to London.
I left knowing that the next time I would be there would be to pack up and move back to New Zealand.


June 15 2009
I posted this photo with tears in my eyes. I meant it.
Dear Universe, I know I have lost.

I was giving up, letting go, sick of yearning for a city thousands of miles away. All it was doing was making my life like marking time. I was resolving to stop living that way*.

I knew that if it was meant to be, it would be. I was giving up to the Universe but not giving up on the Universe.

Monday: naturalisation begins

June 15 2011
I received confirmation I was to become an Irish Citizen.

No, not really. The letter arrived on the 3rd of June. But wouldn’t it have been great if it had been the 15th?

The Universe works in perfect synchrony sometimes.

* And we did! We travelled to Japan, to Hawaii, we moved into the city.


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