Today was a Momentous day …

My Irish passport

I cried at my desk today.
Not a lot, just a few tears, but I was overwhelmed. So happy it had to leak out of my eyes.

My Irish passport has arrived.

It’s all official. It has my photo, my name, my date of birth, and there, nestled under the heading ‘Náisiúntacht/Nationality’ is proof of my dual citizenship. I am Éireannach/Irish.

Tuesday: my Irish passport arrived

I have been waiting for this exact moment for so long.
When I received the letter advising I’d been granted Irish citizenship, when I received the subsequent certificate of citizenship, it didn’t seem quite real. You can’t use those documents to travel between countries. I had this fear that, at any moment, it could be snatched away from me. No really, I did.

I’m not just crazy. When Craig and I were looking at staying in London it seemed that every time we made a decision to apply for a visa they changed the requirements. So, in my mind, there was precedent.

All of a sudden this pressure, this barrier, this cloud that has been sitting over me for 4 years and 34 days – since, literally, 15th February 2008, is gone. It was all a bit too much to handle.

I am a little scared.
Craig and I could move to London pretty much any time we wanted. If I wanted, I could move tomorrow. All Craig needs is a spouse visa and he could come with me. This is a daunting prospect.

We have no plans at this stage. Our trip to Europe notwithstanding. But just the possibility, the freedom, the certainty. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Also? They returned all of my original documents as well. It really was all fine.



  1. Amber Parkin (@_amber) · March 20, 2012

    Congratulations! It’s having options that matters, isn’t it? So thrilling!

    • Sarah-Rose · March 22, 2012

      Exactly. We may move over next year, in three years, or not for aaaages. It’s the option that matters most to us.

  2. suzy · March 21, 2012

    wahoo! international high-five!

  3. Lesley · March 21, 2012

    Congratulations! That’s so exciting!

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