Finally, London. 
I’m writing this from a hotel bed while Craig snores beside me. It is only 7pm but he can’t even stay awake to compose a txt message so I am letting him sleep. Not me though! Of course, Craig can sleep for days so I’m hoping that we can still dodge jet lag. I just have to keep myself awake (I cannot sleep for days). So I write. 

As Craig and I slogged to our hotel in the rain is afternoon (it’s raining! I almost love it. I got to use an umbrella, such a novel thing for a Wellingtonian) we worked out that it took us about 36 hours of actual travel or transit to get from Wellington to London. 36 hours over … who knows how many days. With timezones and whatnot we seem to have squashed 36 hours of travel into a 20 hours timeframe. 

The worst part was 4 hours into our stopover in Singapore. We went to check if our gate was open only to find we had been delayed a further two hours. To the bar! We sat I the Tiger Signature Bar, drank very tall beers, & listened to a soundtrack straight out of 2005. It was terrible and hilarious. 


The best part was getting to the underground at Heathrow and finding that not only does the Oyster card I had in the UK, last used in September 2008, still work … it had £12.30 on it. 

But arrive we did. At 6:45am. Thankfully an hour for our bags and another hour for a double espresso and sorting out my hair (there are some things I need to feel human) then a long tube ride and walking in the rain meant that we didn’t quite make it to our hotel until 10am. Which was good, because their check in time is 2pm. SIGH.

They stored our bags, we bought (me) more coffee*, and tried to decide what on earth we felt like we could manage in our delirious state. It ended up being: not so much.
We went to Oxford street to see what had changed (not a lot) and bought sim cards so we could use our phones in Europe without NZ’s ridiculous roaming charges. Because, apparently, I can’t not tweet or instagram.

I live on the Internet too much.

But mainly today we went to the Natural History Museum. Craig had requested a return visit and it seemed to be a perfect rainy-day activity. We balked at the central hall and the ground floor areas, full of french teenagers on school trips who seemed more interested in stroking each others faces (no, SERIOUSLY, it was weird) than looking at the skeleton of the GIANT FREAKING SLOTH. Silly French teenagers.

We visited the taxidermy and the minerals, the vault and the display on volcanoes. We saw the giant sequoia and one plastinated camel**. My favourite, as always, was the terrible hummingbird tree.


And now, Craig sleeps while I try to stay awake, through my delirium, to something more like a ‘normal’ bed time. I do not want to be jet lagged tomorrow, for tomorrow, we shop!

* Craig doesn’t drink coffee. But he says he will try it in Italy! Exciting.
** promo for the ‘Animals Inside Out’ exhibition (by the people who brought you Bodyworlds!) which I would totally visit … If I had the time). 


Europe! Oh, Europe

Monday: last rays of sunlight

Time! It has passed so quickly.
It feels like just yesterday I was telling you, bursting with excitement, about this trip to Europe that Craig and I are taking. Now I am telling you, bursting with excitement and anxiety*, that the trip is TOMORROW.
In just a few hours we will be on our way to Auckland, then to Singapore, and finally, many many hours later, in London.

I feel so unprepared.
It feels like this trip has snuck up on me. There is so much and so little planned. We have tickets for the Vatican and the Uffizi and the Tate Modern and the National Portrait Gallery and all our accommodation and flights and trains are booked. I have an entire folder full of documentation for this trip and yet … I feel unprepared.

Mainly though I am just ever so excited.
(I am secretly quite looking forward to the hours we have in Changi airport, I have heard it is amazing)

My laptop, geriatric beast that it is, will be staying in Wellington.
I will have my iPad and, fingers crossed, Wi-Fi in hotels, but chances are there will be radio silence on ohsarahrose.com for a while.

More than that, the photos from my beautiful baby camera will likewise wait until our return.

But! I will have instagram, uploaded when Wi-Fi allows. My username is ohsarahrose (quelle surprise!) and they will be posted to ohsarahrose.tumblr.com as well.

But perhaps I will still ramble here from time to time. Who knows.

* I’m pretty sure that nothing terrible will happen. But I can’t help the Jenny Holzer feeling.
“Some days you wake and immediately start to worry. Nothing in particular is wrong, it’s just the suspicion that forces are aligning quietly & there will be trouble” From the Living Series, Bench 16

366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday Flowers near Trinity
Beautiful hydrangeas near Trinity, walking to Sunday dinner.

Monday: last rays of sunlight
Catching a flight into the last rays of the sun.

Tuesday: beautiful light & a fire alarm
The light was odd but it made even the fire alarm beautiful.

Wednesday: signed up for a library card
Finally signed up for a Wellington library card.

Thursday: golden morning
Walking a roundabout way to work, remembering how lovely the rowing club is.

Friday: shop window as storage area
Terrifying mannequin head in a shop window – they seem to be using it as a storage area.

Saturday: hungover but caffeinated gum from Japan!
Such a hungover Saturday. But my favourite Tim was over from Japan and he bought me my favourite black black chewing gum!





A long long time ago, in an apartment not too far from …somewhere. it was realised that both I and Christopher, the flatmate, had never seen Star Wars. Not the original trilogy, not the prequels, not the holiday special, not one single film. Craig was ever so disappointed.

Okay, okay, I saw The Phantom Menace in 1999 when it was released but I really do not think that counts.

Someone, somewhere, sent me the link to this post which breaks down the different ways you can watch the saga. Most people choose between Release Order (the order the films were shown in the cinema) or Episode Order (apparently the way George Lucas intends, starting with Episode I and going straight through to Episode VI).

Then there is their alternate suggestion, which I have taken to calling the “straight narrative” order. You watch the Saga thus: IV, V, I, II, III, VI.

In this order just as Luke (SPOILER ALERT) finds out that Darth Vader is his father, wondering what turned him to the Dark Side, you flick back to the story of how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader and back to the ‘present’ to finish with Return of the Jedi, as Lucas intended.

(The site truly recommends ‘Machete’ order which misses Episode I entirely but I wanted to watch it for Queen Amidala’s outfits. Truth.)

Somehow it was decided we would watch them all in 2012.
How we got from watching them all in a YEAR to watching them all over the EASTER BREAK I will never understand. But we did it. Six movies in … I think it was actually 3 days. I do not recommend it.

To keep myself amused and, honestly, awake through all 797 minutes of the saga – I’m not even kidding with that, I did the maths – I ‘live tweeted’ the event.

Here are a few of my favourites.

Episode IV: A New Hope

8:25pm Why did I think Darth Vader didn’t really speak? He’s going on and on and on.

8:30pm Craig thinks we are watching the special edition. I think the dudes in the hoods look like demonic monks.

8:45pm Me: these robots don’t look very futuristic. Craig: that’s because it’s the past #longlongtimeago

8:56pm Huh. I thought Vader was in control. I didn’t expect him to be taking orders. Perplexing.

9:01pm I’d forgotten all about Han Solo!

9:45pm “only a master of evil, Darth” aka ‘pfft, you’re not even a real master, egg’.

10:35pm Verdict on Star Wars IV: long. Sound made on discovering it’s the shortest of the six movies: SIGH.

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

10:37pm Craig on Episode V: he goes to Hoth to visit Yoda. Chris and I: oh, that’s right! Yoda’s in these!

11:11pm What is with the weird new storm troopers? I find their smooth faces unnerving.

11:17pm Why couldn’t they just give R2-D2 subtitles? It would save a lot of clunky expository lines.

11:23pm Oh. Yoda. I just … No.

12:01am Chewbacca always sounds so sad. I find it distressing.

Episode I: A Phantom Menace

12:44pm Ewan McGregor’s hair is just The Worst. Liam Neeson’s is not much better.

12:46pm Little known fact: Jedi can hold their breath for a long time. Apparently.

12:49pm I wish current royalty had to dress like Queen Amidala. It would make it all so much more interesting #fiercefashion.

12:51pm Oop. There is Jar Jar Binks. The most reviled character in the series, or so it seems. I get that.

1:34pm So Anakin has no father. Are we supposed to believe it’s human parthenogenesis or a Jesus analogy? #ridic

Episode II: Attack of the Clones

12:04pm Watching Attack of the Clones. So annoyed Jar Jar is in this one too #hateful

12:09pm “don’t forget, she’s a politician & they’re not to be trusted” Obi Wan #truth

12:47pm I doubt it will ever seem normal to have kiwi accents as Jango and Boba Fett #incongruous

12:50pm “you are in my very soul. Tormenting me” Anakin has so many Feelings! #GROAN

(we took a break for several hours)

7:38pm Oh god. Still have 5 hours of Star Wars to watch.

7:54pm Anakin is a whiny little bitch in II. Actually … reminds me of Luke in IV

7:54pm Rolling my eyes so hard. I think I might strain something.

8:20pm SERIOUSLY? NatPort loses JUST enough of her shirt in the battle to have a crop top? Oh! She lost a sleeve too #totesplausible

8:23pm Laughed at R2-D2 pulling off C3PO’s head. Groaned at “this is a drag” & “I’m beside myself” #worstscriptever

8:28pm They do not seem to have dialled back the “engrish” accents of the trade federation delegates since Episode I #embarrassed.

8:37pm Yoda flipping and twisting around Christopher Lee makes my eyes hurt. From all the rolling.

8:43pm 1. Golden skeleton hand, really? & 2. Least romantic wedding kiss ever. But really: GOLDEN SKELETON HAND!?!

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

8:45pm General Grevious turned out to be evil. Who’d a thunk it?

8:54pm A robot with a cough? I call bullshit. Also, I am half disappointed the golden skele-hand has been replaced with a glove.

8:59pm There are a lot more laughts in Revenge of the Sith. And it seems as if quite a few of them are even intentional.

9:48pm Oh, Ewan McGregor and your quippy quips. #swoon

9:52pm They sure do need to twirl a lot with their light sabres.

9:56pm “Power! Unlimited Power!” Palpatine being even more obvious than usual.

9:58pm Just like that he is christened Darth Vader and seems to be breathing heavier already. Evil is apparently hard on the lungs.

10:16pm The Dark Side: hard on the lungs and the eyes, terrible for the skin. I am officially too vain for the dark side.

10:39pm Endlessly amused by Obi Wan’s “it’s too late! I have the higher ground!” #soliteral

10:47pm Darth Vader is definitely the most fashion forward of all the Star Wars characters #fierce

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

7:45pm TONIGHT! IT ENDS! Return of the Jedi has just begun.

7:47pm Ahh! Hahaha! I forgot about the oversized helmets! How very Balenciaga.

7:49pm Again! I forget he is not The Great and Powerful Vader but just an imposing minion Vader. So disappointing.

7:56pm This alien pop star malarkey is … embarrassing. Apparently tis from the remastered version. Damn Lucas.

8:03pm “who are you?” “someone who loves you” and people say the prequels are poorly scripted!

8:05pm It is an impressive gold bikini, I will give y’all that.

8:18pm I mean, there is VERY LITTLE to that bikini #pandering

8:20pm I do like the Imperial March! I will give them that.

8:27pm YODA DIES? What?

8:27pm (I always found him a bit creepy)

8:29pm Poor Luke. Finding out Leia is his twin AFTER seeing the gold bikini.

8:43pm Ewok!

8:46pm It’s a hat. YOU’RE WEARING ONE TOO #sillyewok

9:01pm This scene between Luke & Leia is … so bad. So very very bad. Natalie and Hayden bad.

9:13pm “it is pointless to resist, my son” “but the chase is half the fun” #sexystarwars

9:15pm The tiny catholic in me (help!) can’t help but respond “and also with you” whenever I hear “may the force be with you”

9:24pm My wine is gone! How will I make it through the rest of this movie?

9:38pm Oh you have GOT to be kidding me. THAT is how it ends with the Emperor? What a cliché.

9:42pm The back of the Millennium Falcon makes me want an Oreo. Or an icecream sandwich.

9:45pm Partying and pan pipes all over the star wars universe #baller

9:47pm IT’S OVER! Thank everything. It is OVER. I never have to do that ever ever ever again.

P.s. to my eternal shame, I must admit that Revenge of the Sith was my favourite of the saga.

366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: scant mini eggs
New Zealand didn’t get the little bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs this year. It was terrible. This scant handful was about all I could find.

Monday: costume hairclips
I made stingray and octopus hairclips for an Under the Sea costume party on Friday.

Tuesday: roadworks on the way back to work
Willis Street has been covered in roadworks for months now.

Wednesday: flowers for the dog
With my in-laws visiting on Thursday I decided my dog vase looks less odd with flowers in it.

Thursday: reflections of the sky
Headed home in beautiful light. Reflection of the sky.

Friday: reflections of the city
Headed home in beautiful light. Reflection of the city.

Saturday: tortilla chips
Craig was away on a boys weekend. I made tortilla chips and ate too much guacamole.


purple hair
I dyed a purple streak in my hair.

This is crazy … but here’s my [search terms]

One of the absolute best things to do is to peer, curiously, at the search terms people have used to find this little site.

Here are some of the favourites. Or the most perplexing:

Moustache scented Rose
1983 Orangina
Sarah Morbid
John Waters Ireland
oh my, was that in the script?
Eastbourne whores
workshop girl with plait
Men ridiculous haircut
pin up shoots herself
Beauty mark on Breast
herpes of the eye
famous werecat

and the ever ubiquitous iterations of:
girls with tattoos turn me on.

But my absolute, and possibly all time, favourite?

Angry Racoon

366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: broccoli at the City Market
Headed along to the city markets on Sunday. Ostensibly for fruit but really for the venison burgers.

Monday: golden hour
The clocks changed back for winter – I have a few days of walking home at golden hour before the days get even shorter.

Tuesday: Rolling out the Red Carpet
Red carpet rolled out on the parliament steps for the RNZAF’s 75th birthday.

Wednesday: walking home after dark
Working late and walking home after dark.

Thursday: Laura duckfacing while I frame the shot
Laura needed a contributor photo for a magazine – she duckfaces while I frame the shot.

Friday: good friday eggs
Creme eggs for Easter. I am a sucker for time specific foods.

Saturday: drinks to dinner
Manners Mall from Edwards Street, between drinks and dinner.


Smooth hair

366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: Giraffes at the Zoo
A special moment with the giraffes at the Zoo.

Monday: calm morning and cold light
I think I might miss walking the harbour as winter sets in.

Tuesday: reflected lights on Lambton quay
Such a busy day – the light on this building looks like reflections in water.

Wednesday: calm morning and warm light
It seems romantic, catching a ferry every morning, but I think it would drive me mad.

Thursday: Cardboard boxes on Lambton
Carefully folded boxes on Lambton Quay.

Friday: city guides for Europe
City guides for our Europe trip. Berlin was at home and Munich apparently doesn’t get its own, but the rest are there.

Saturday: dying carnations
My carnations are dying but I cannot bear to throw them out just yet. I adore the slightly Havisham look.