This is crazy … but here’s my [search terms]

One of the absolute best things to do is to peer, curiously, at the search terms people have used to find this little site.

Here are some of the favourites. Or the most perplexing:

Moustache scented Rose
1983 Orangina
Sarah Morbid
John Waters Ireland
oh my, was that in the script?
Eastbourne whores
workshop girl with plait
Men ridiculous haircut
pin up shoots herself
Beauty mark on Breast
herpes of the eye
famous werecat

and the ever ubiquitous iterations of:
girls with tattoos turn me on.

But my absolute, and possibly all time, favourite?

Angry Racoon



  1. Andy · April 11, 2012

    Recent ones of mine:

    alien rocket car
    murder police animation
    never trust a cat poster
    my wife had an affair with my brother movie

    …and then a bunch of movie related ones. But that’s rather boring. And, the cat poster one aside, they all actually relate to my blog.

    Wish I had an “Angry Raccoon”

    • Sarah-Rose · April 12, 2012

      NEVER TRUST A CAT POSTER! That is excellent.

  2. Nessoldfield · April 12, 2012

    Hahahaha. Angry racoon.

    • Sarah-Rose · April 12, 2012

      I have no idea how they even got to my site with that search but … I hope they found what they were looking for somewhere else.

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