Finally, London. 
I’m writing this from a hotel bed while Craig snores beside me. It is only 7pm but he can’t even stay awake to compose a txt message so I am letting him sleep. Not me though! Of course, Craig can sleep for days so I’m hoping that we can still dodge jet lag. I just have to keep myself awake (I cannot sleep for days). So I write. 

As Craig and I slogged to our hotel in the rain is afternoon (it’s raining! I almost love it. I got to use an umbrella, such a novel thing for a Wellingtonian) we worked out that it took us about 36 hours of actual travel or transit to get from Wellington to London. 36 hours over … who knows how many days. With timezones and whatnot we seem to have squashed 36 hours of travel into a 20 hours timeframe. 

The worst part was 4 hours into our stopover in Singapore. We went to check if our gate was open only to find we had been delayed a further two hours. To the bar! We sat I the Tiger Signature Bar, drank very tall beers, & listened to a soundtrack straight out of 2005. It was terrible and hilarious. 


The best part was getting to the underground at Heathrow and finding that not only does the Oyster card I had in the UK, last used in September 2008, still work … it had £12.30 on it. 

But arrive we did. At 6:45am. Thankfully an hour for our bags and another hour for a double espresso and sorting out my hair (there are some things I need to feel human) then a long tube ride and walking in the rain meant that we didn’t quite make it to our hotel until 10am. Which was good, because their check in time is 2pm. SIGH.

They stored our bags, we bought (me) more coffee*, and tried to decide what on earth we felt like we could manage in our delirious state. It ended up being: not so much.
We went to Oxford street to see what had changed (not a lot) and bought sim cards so we could use our phones in Europe without NZ’s ridiculous roaming charges. Because, apparently, I can’t not tweet or instagram.

I live on the Internet too much.

But mainly today we went to the Natural History Museum. Craig had requested a return visit and it seemed to be a perfect rainy-day activity. We balked at the central hall and the ground floor areas, full of french teenagers on school trips who seemed more interested in stroking each others faces (no, SERIOUSLY, it was weird) than looking at the skeleton of the GIANT FREAKING SLOTH. Silly French teenagers.

We visited the taxidermy and the minerals, the vault and the display on volcanoes. We saw the giant sequoia and one plastinated camel**. My favourite, as always, was the terrible hummingbird tree.


And now, Craig sleeps while I try to stay awake, through my delirium, to something more like a ‘normal’ bed time. I do not want to be jet lagged tomorrow, for tomorrow, we shop!

* Craig doesn’t drink coffee. But he says he will try it in Italy! Exciting.
** promo for the ‘Animals Inside Out’ exhibition (by the people who brought you Bodyworlds!) which I would totally visit … If I had the time). 



  1. hungryandfrozen · April 26, 2012

    Oh to be a French teenager!
    That wackily-tired delirium you get when you’re travelling and you need to fill in time because your hotel won’t open or your train doesn’t arrive for another three hours or whatever is so intense. But also kind of awesome, because you’re travelling and not doing other boring things.
    Happy travels!

  2. mischasone · April 26, 2012

    Enjoying following your trip via the blog and twitter. Would love to hear what you packed for your trip – planning a six week trip and while the thought of traveling is exciting packing terrifys me.

    • Sarah-Rose · April 28, 2012

      Yea definitely. My initial packing lossy was, total, about 19 items. Of course that was partly to leave room to shop but still …
      The iPhone app ‘stylebook’ was super useful – I could make outfits then import those into a packing list.
      I’ll see how I go for the rest of the trip then let you know!

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