366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: waiting for family brunch
For my baby sister’s birthday we met at a pub for hot cider and food then half of us went to watch Labyrinth on the big screen. It was excellent.

Monday: amazing dawn over the harbour
Walking by the harbour at dawn is really just the LEAST attractive thing ever. Ugh.

Tuesday: late night
Stuck at work for hours and hours I just wanted to get home.

Wednesday: early morning
Early morning light & a streetlamp in a tree.

Thursday: rain & graffiti
When it pours with rain I take a different route to work. I love this alley way.

Friday: another hideous sunrise

Saturday: at work. Yes. on a Saturday
I had to choose between waiting at work late on a Friday or going back in on Saturday. At 5:30 I chose the latter and was so glad – the email I’d been waiting on didn’t even show up until 6:30 on Friday.


New glasses!
New glasses from Bonlook.com


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