366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: suburban NZ
Suburban New Zealand. I love this signwriting.

Monday: puppy on the street
This puppy was on the street and he was MAD.

Tuesday: sore back
I managed to twist something ridiculous in my back. So I gave in to wine and a heat pack.

Wednesday: Craig's tattoo session
Craig had another session on his pirate tattoo. One more and he should be done.

Thursday: near my desk
Added St Paul’s to the decoration around my desk.

Friday: teacups
Very feminine teacups in my office. I hate them.

Saturday: home tableau - seafoam green, studs, sharks
A bedroom tableau: seafoam green, studs, and sharks.


Terrible hair
(what the H is up with my hair?)


Coming Out for Marriage Equality

So here’s the thing. I avoid talking about politics.
Partly because of where I work, partly because I don’t care how other people vote, partly because I’ve voted differently in every single election for which I’ve been eligible. This is not about politics in general or individual parties or an election.
This is about one bill. This is about standing up.

Today the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill was drawn from the ballot. It will, eventually, be debated in the House.
To quote from the Bill itself “This Bill will make it clear that a marriage is a union of 2 people regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity. It will ensure that all people, regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity will have the opportunity to marry if they so choose.”

I support marriage equality. I am married. I am also bisexual*.

For the past 8 years New Zealand has had the Civil Union Act which has allowed same sex couples to legally recognise their unions. That the State will allow them to get ever-so close to marriage equality and still deny it. To say ‘yes, of course you’re equal … almost’. To say ‘we support your right to everything but’.
That was fine. As a first step. After eight years the next step is overdue.

I’m not coming out because I feel like that validates my support of marriage equality. I think my being a rational human being does that. I’m coming out because, maybe, you didn’t know. Because maybe you assumed that a sexuality slightly off normal would be visible in some way. Because I’m happy to stand up and be counted.
My husband and I support marriage equality.

And, damn it, if everything falls apart with Craig, and the next person I fall for is a woman? I would hate that I couldn’t marry her too.

Palazzo Vecchio2

* always have been, probably always will be, it’s not a big deal.

366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: leopard legs
Slipping into leopard print trousers like coming from the Hutt Valley just ain’t no thang.

Monday: waiting for Laura at The Royal
The afternoon was rough and I met up with Laura for a drink at The Royal.

Tuesday: shamefaced for owning tupperware
The only tupperware I own – and I bought it for the pretty colour. And because I’d had quite a bit of wine on a Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday: #treatyoself dinner
Friends felt like a #treatyoself dinner and I tagged along – it was delicious.

Thursday: new tattoo bruising
Sickly yellow bruising on my new tattoo.

Friday: stunning morning
Sometimes the mornings along the waterfront are just perfect. Even if I was running late.

Saturday: midnight Saturday. Classy
Stay Classy, Courtenay Place.


Shark Costume
Shark Costume!


Today's the day! #fridaythethirteenth #tattoo

I’ve liked Friday the Thirteenth for as long as I can remember. As an essentially unsuperstitious person I find superstitions intriguing. I’ve never found the day to be especially ominous. Quite the opposite in fact. I’d say it’s among my top five days of the year.

Before: Friday the Thirteenth Tattoo

Not that I actually keep count of my top five days of the year. But, you know. If I did.

Tattoo time!

So, on Friday the 13th of July, the final Friday the 13th for 2012, I celebrated with a tattoo.

Friday the Thirteenth Tattoo

Did you know my wedding rehearsal was on a Friday the 13th? That’s worked out pretty well so far.

Friday the Thirteenth Tattoo

And yesterday, Craig and I celebrated 13 years of dating.

(not really – it was 12 years. But wouldn’t have that just been too perfect for words?)

Also – it turns out that the back of one’s arm is really rather difficult to photograph.

366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: lemons
Warding off a cold with lemon and honey and whisky.

Monday: coffee with Amy
Coffee date with the lovely Amy Michelle.

Tuesday: dark on my way home from work
Stayed late at work and the streets were dark and quiet on the walk home.

Wednesday: 2 for 1 ciders & a crowded bar leads to buying 6 ciders for 3 people
Six ciders for three people.

Thursday: sunrise
A difficult dawn.

Friday the Thirteenth Tattoo
I celebrated the final Friday the Thirteenth of 2012 with a tattoo.

Saturday: shark costume
Handstitched shark costume for a Wild Animals party.
I can be crafty.


Thank you @bonlook #honeybadgerdontgiveashit
I hate resorting to Instagram but oh god I am terrible at self-portraits this year.

Storybook by Nora Flanagan

Storybook by Nora Flanagan from Emma Coleman on Vimeo.

I know little about Nora Flanagan. I know she is a teacher, I know she runs turnitdown.com, I know she is a poet, I know she has some beautiful tattoos, I know she made me, alone in my office, applaud this video and burst into tears.

(please watch past the finger snaps)

On the week where I am getting my tenth tattoo and talking to an artist about an eleventh? This is important to me. Please watch it.

A few of my favourite phrases
x this is a story written in permanent ink, in a language only I can understand
x When playground pageant princess momthers stare down my illustrated guide to parenting I wonder what their children will learn from what they see, because my boys know that we do not judge by skin.
x days where my body and the stories I have written on it feel like the only real thing I have.
x my tattoos hurt as much or as little as the moments in my life that lead me to them.
x my father HATES them. Until you do.
x when you get old, will you be grateful that you never wrote the moments of your life in permanent ink?
x Do they mean anything? they mean everything, only it’s not your picturebook.

366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: Cake for Mama
I iced my mama’s Lemon-Vanilla cake with lemon-and-honey cream cheese icing. It was really quite delicious.

Monday: liar of a mug
I do rather enjoy the fact that it says REALCOLD on the outside of the mug I use for my terrible, but very hot, instant coffee.

Tuesday: thin morning
Racing to work

Wednesday: beautiful light
Beautiful light down this alleyway off Wakefield street.

Thursday: Karen Walker bug dress
Karen Walker bug dress – this makes me more happy than I can adequately express.

Friday: trees
Heading home with a face full of sickness.

Saturday: so cold
I stood out in the cold to watch Craig’s football team kick another team’s arse.


Purple streak
Living a more colourful life.