A few photos from Florence

The Basilica and the Campanile

Lifesize statues on the Duomo

Looking back down on the Basilica

I'm a little in love with Florence

Gelato! But the trick to get good gelato is ...
This may look impressive but the best gelato is kept away from the sun. Also their banana flavour should be grey.

Michelangelo's Pieta
Michelangelo’s unfinished Pieta.

St John the Baptist. In Silver

The spot where Savanarola was burnt
“In this place, on 23 May 1498, Fra Girolamo Savonarola was hanged and then burned after an iniquitous verdict, in the company of his fellows Fra Domenico Buonvicini and Fra Silvestro Maruffi. This memorial was put in place four centuries later.”

Ponte Santa Trinita

Me and the Ponte Vecchio



Food market


Big alligator
(La Specola, the Museum of Zoology and Natural History will get its own post)

Hotel Centro

Writing postcards at a bar

Art in the Palazzo Vecchio

Palazzo Vecchio


Why we couldn't go into Fort Belvedere

Back blocks of Florence

Gelateria Santa Trinita

Gelateria Santa Trinita

Reflections on the Arno

Our train was late

Florence was my absolute favourite.


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