366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: SweetPea on the waterfront
After I botched an audition Craig and I had cupcakes and coffee on the waterfront. It was lovely.

Monday: dusk along the waterfront
A beautiful dusk. As per damn usual.

Tuesday: after the rain
The rain held off while I walked home. I love it when it does that.

Wednesday: Peepo and a card for Luca in Japan
My lovely friend Sara and her japanese husband recently had a little boy called Luca. I sent them baby leggings, pineapple lumps, Peepo, and as Kenjiro doesn’t speak much english I harassed my friend Tim into translating a message into kanji for me to copy out.

Thursday: lovely light
This is my favourite building on my walk home.

Friday: Red Wine and waiting on Laura
I miss having coworkers sometimes. I have to make my own plans on a Friday night.

Saturday: hateful bubbles on the waterfront
I hate bubbles on the waterfront. Hateful little things splattering detergent everywhere.


Winter face



  1. hungryandfrozen · August 12, 2012

    PEEPO. A million zillion squillion memories just came rushing back to me.
    Beauteous photos as always, Oh Sarah Rose!

    • Sarah-Rose · August 12, 2012

      Oh thank you! Peepo is my mama’s ‘go to’ baby present & I seem to have adopted it as well.

  2. Alisha · August 12, 2012

    Beautiful shots this week! (And every week! x)

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